What’s Bush up to?


Sometimes he makes you wonder, doesn’t he?

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232 Captions for “What’s Bush up to?”

  1. fartybart

    Bush Pulls A Funny One On The Secret Service

  2. KD

    The original design for the character “SHREK”, though this design with the head of the president mounted on the orge’s body was never really all that popular.

  3. KD

    Krikee, look at the president stalking his prey! It’s amazing!

  4. KD

    “They said that this maze ended someplace!” “George, there is no maze. It’s the white house lawn.”

  5. Hi

    I would have rather voted for the green bush.

  6. jann

    You’d better wait back here Monica, there’re people out there

  7. Bush

    Bush desperately looked for a logical reason to give big tax cuts to the wealthy, but to no avail.

  8. WWW

    That’s right Scotty, do your business where nobody can see you. That’s it, boy. No, Not on my leg! BAD DOG!

  9. nimrod

    “well mom , mostly I just beat around the Bush bush”

  10. No name here

    Hide behind the bush, Bush.

  11. harryk

    Okay, I’m not writing a caption but I mean does this guy we refer to as President come off looking stupid with that shit-eating grin he always has on his face or what?

  12. Professor Kaos

    George W. is now personally joining the “hunt” for Osama Bin Laden.

  13. Gentaur

    Who do you think taught Jeb’s daughters how to sneak off?

  14. Gentaur

    “I’ll be glad when the White House’s plumbing is fixed.”

  15. Gentaur

    Bush tries out the Ring, but it thinks his head is already insubstantial.

  16. jwd

    Hey look, that bush has a strange growth on it!

  17. Monsanto

    That’s what happens when you use too much Miracle-Gro!

  18. nurg

    Watch me steal his badge. It’s hysterical when they try to get past the next checkpoint and end up strip-searched!

  19. donkeyman

    The President tries on one of the military’s new leafy camouflage suits. “These will work great in the deserts of Iraq!” he exclaimed.

  20. donkeyman

    Please let that be poison oak!

  21. filkertom

    “Hey, this isn’t a Swamp Thing costume! It’s poison sumac!”

  22. filkertom

    If you go out in the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise….

  23. Missie

    Visitors to the White House commentes on how well maintained and healthy Bush looked…oh yea and the President looked alright too.

  24. s.chandler

    “why bin laden thinks i’m a PUSSY-cat”

  25. Hi

    You’re on candit camera!

  26. Bush

    All their bushes are belong to us!

  27. uncle bulgaria

    ok monica, but quickly, before anyone notices, remember what happened to bill.

  28. Les

    I don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do! Don’t what to say the monkeys won’t do!

  29. Lexter

    “Damn, boy, you deef? I said the toilet paper, get me the frickin’ toilet paper.”

  30. Poncy

    Oh my! I let my guard down and they saw my real body! I wonder if they will guess that I am actually an infiltrator from the planet Shrub and my actual mission is to make Iraq into A SHRUBBERY!

  31. Poncy

    “Cha Cha Cha Chia president! Our best seller”

  32. Gentaur

    Of course, the Secret Service always knew where Bush was when he played Hide-n-Seek, but they pretended not to.

  33. jk

    Quietly, the rare, endangered Texas buffoon stalks its prey – unsuspecting young men

  34. aseaton

    today, in the white house lawn, workers planted an extra Bush in the spirit of freedom.

  35. mm

    That’s a thick Bush – but what is he hiding behind?

  36. thejohnqcitizen


  37. LRG

    So the third person says bushes bushes!

  38. Barf

    The Secret Service partrol just hopes they don’t find his new game-trophy.

  39. sue

    “General Franks got a tip that Saddam was hiding out here”.

  40. Patriot

    An assinine digitally doctored picture with a bunch of pathetic captions… almost like Iraqi propaganda.

  41. Roger

    Where’s the bog roll

  42. kCmCg

    Oh shit, they DO grow on trees…

  43. Knut

    Damn! Got no paper.

  44. Crashinoz

    President Bush likes to personally test each camoflage type prior to issue to troops. This model: “Topiary Hedge”

  45. spat

    “I would have prefered the name George Shrubbery !”

  46. Scott†S.


  47. pangie

    ooh, i think i spot saddam! ready, aim, FIRE spit wad!!!

  48. gord

    Hide bishop nelson,here come the after
    school boys.

  49. Padmaja K N

    “Booing” behind the bush !

  50. Padmaja K N

    “BOOing” behind the bush !

  51. Tranced

    I can totally assure everyone that their are no terrorists in the bush.

  52. ferdel man

    That Secret Service shmok is still there?!

  53. YH

    In a burst of nostalgia for their university days, W plays lookout while Tony urinates on a flower bed.

  54. Joel Green

    No weed in here man!!!!

  55. earshot

    damn arabic squirrels… get lost!

  56. Otto Dachat

    Ok, so I’m nervous. It was Dick who made me go to war!

  57. Otto Dachat

    Ok so I’m nervous. It was Dick who told me to start a war with Iraq and now he wants to nuke Syria….

  58. Morph

    We’ll find Saddam even if we have to climb every mountain, swim ever river, fertilize every bush…

  59. graham

    Got any paper buddy?

  60. naomi

    mommy look at this

  61. Havasay

    When I said I wanted a bush planted .. I didn’t mean me!

  62. Mike

    Uh.. say buddy.. would you mind helping me get out of this? I seem to be stuck.

  63. ACS

    The braver of two bushes: the thick hedge or the thick head?

  64. sf

    Apparently, Bush hasn’t learned from Clinton’s relationship mistakes.

  65. Cary

    Shhh… be vewy vewy quiet….

  66. Rhiannon8480

    “Thanks for coverin’ for me, Earl! I really had to drain the lizard!”

  67. Mascot

    GW – “Look at him pouting! Go tell him he’s not really fired, it’s April Fools Day fer cryin’ out loud!”

  68. Nelly

    “heh heh heh. George Michael was right. This is fun!”

  69. jwd

    Wow! That’s some strong fertilizer they’re spreading at the White House!

  70. B2

    Bush Lookin’ Fly in His Stealth Bomber Jacket

  71. firestarter


  72. Lori

    No wonder you guys can’t find Saddam and Osama… You don’t even see me standing right behind you! Yep… I’ll get right on that thar raise request!

  73. Ozzy

    Smokey, I ain’t the smartest man but from here it looks like your taking a shit!

  74. new picture please

    Dude, where’s my ?!

  75. Farty-fart man *fart*

    Vin Diesel Grows Hair, Becomes Traffic Cop

  76. amber

    peek-a-boo! i see you!

  77. justin

    Hey Mr bush, show us ya bush!!!!

  78. Cadeaux

    That is THE scariest looking topiary I have ever seen!

  79. HavaSay

    Saddam – hear this .. let’s not get too religious. I am not going to me the next “burning bush”!!!

  80. Jade Shelbi

    Pssht! Hey! Got any toilet paper?!

  81. dave

    Hee hee heee, if I aim just right I can pee through the hole onto his head.Oh damn,I forgot the fly again.

  82. new picture

    New picture please.

  83. MF

    “there he is, that bastard who stole my badge and told the guards he was a bush”

  84. qwerty

    look words come up the screen when i type word come up on the screen

  85. Rob

    Its hard to get away with public urination when your the president.



  87. jockblock

    Check out the butt on that officer…He must work out.

  88. jockblock

    Hey Bob, Whata ya think of my new enviromentaly safe campaigning suit.

  89. RÙmulo Xavier

    The new costume of the President o the USA W.C.Bush is a BUSH disguise

  90. Flynny

    I see you baby shaking that ass

  91. hunter

    Just a sec, boys, I’m making another republican.

  92. don

    oophs! I forgot the paper!

  93. Fred Mertz

    Dude, you can’t buy beer; you can only rent it!

  94. judy

    what is monkey man doing now?

  95. MpateGurl

    “Oh no! That nightmare of me being naked in front of my fellow americans is coming true!”

  96. Adrian in Dallas

    While attempting to chew gum and think at the same time, the President again stumbles into nearby shubbery.

  97. steved

    Be vewwy, vewwy quiet! I’m hunting wabbits!

  98. sharona

    The elusive spotted W….

  99. jo


  100. justincredible

    well i’m bushed… im going to bed

  101. Trisha

    Peek-a-boo I see you.

  102. TASHA


  103. ReggieT.

    Making sure his Homeland Security is not asleep.

  104. Carey

    Daddy lets play!!!!! Please come find me daddy, PLEASE!!!

  105. Atomic Dolphin

    A Bush in the bush is worth two in the Oval office.

  106. Ray

    Bush taking a pee while secret service is on a lookout.

  107. tjinpa

    The Oval Office after a visit by Trading Spaces.

  108. Scott†S.

    After losing the his tax cut plan in Congress, the President would get liquored up and yell at tourist & vistors….
    “you sombitches git out of my yard!”

  109. Lisa S.

    Hey buddy, come here and look at this….Call Powell and tell him the Nukes aren’t in Iraq…Some asshole planeted them here in my back yard!!!!

  110. worthhissalt

    Man that feels better.

  111. Buzz

    “Bushes Shakin’ Here, Boss”

  112. clem

    chetta, you are the greatest….

  113. Herbowitz

    Hiding a snake-in-the-grass.

  114. Stevie-o

    For the second time in his life George W. emerges from a Bush

  115. Blake

    Where will you be when your laxative kicks in ?

  116. bryan

    this is good stuff, hee hee hee

  117. Inoracam

    Bush getting in touch with his roots.

  118. Chaos

    “It’s no good sir, you’ll have to face up to the economy sooner or later!”

  119. Chaos

    George always had a ‘thing’ for uniforms.

  120. Jimmeny

    Bush is struck by shock and awe.

  121. kelly

    peek a boo I SEE YOUUUU!

  122. Munky

    PEEKABOO! guess who?

  123. Scott

    As the President removes his clothing we now understand where his name comes from.

  124. Justin...

    Wonder if he can see me jacking it?

  125. Allison

    There’s a terrorist behind every bush.

  126. John

    “Whadya mean you want to see my hands?”

  127. paul bonser

    ok blair its clear now get your pants up

  128. M.A.S.S.I.S.

    bush finally found some bush…

  129. Mark Beular

    Look!!!! its Courious George but where is the man in the yellow hat ohhhh isn’t it sweet he is in to miscif bombing the Middle East again

  130. Mark Beular

    Look!!!! its Courious George but where is the man in the yellow hat ohhhh isn’t it sweet he is in to miscif bombing the Middle East again

  131. Billy bob

    George W Bush above the law

  132. anon

    So WHAT??????, If I love LOOKING AT LITTLE BOYS??????????????, I’M BORED WITH LAURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  133. D

    Man sometimes i HATE playing hide and go seek with Colon Powell

  134. anon

    Here!!!!, Kitty, Kitty!!!!!!!!

  135. anon

    Hi, Sweetie!!!!!!!!!!.

  136. anon

    MY DICK IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!.

  137. etl

    yeah monica thats it oh yeah that’s my bitch.

  138. alittleoffcenter

    A bird in the hand…

  139. Craig Dillon

    “Peek-a-boo I see you!!”

  140. christophlopper

    no one ever suspects the butterfly.

  141. madeofpaper

    Year 2014:

    “And on your left you can see the preserved head of George W Bush.”


  142. Applejuicemaster

    I demaaaaand… a SHRUBBERY! *dramatic music*

  143. Ihriz

    no one said mixing seeds to create some kind of new flower was easy.

  144. Angela


  145. andy roo

    Must. .. . . . sneaaaaaaaaak. . …. .. off to ranch.. . … ………

  146. Robbie

    Bush testing the Hide-n-Seek skills of The Secret Service….

  147. LauNak

    Breaking News: “Us President seen at illegal Gay-Meetingpoint”

  148. Dirk

    Heej Bill, goeie tip die Monica!! Shhht

  149. Bassie G

    ‘Okay, nobody’s watching. Suck it’

  150. anon

    I sodomize monkeys adamantly!!!!!!!!!!.

  151. anon

    I’m hiding off to eat my Strawberry Dog Dicks cereal.

  152. anon

    I’m sneaking out of here to buy that “Rican Construction” film, SHHHHHH.

  153. Gentaur

    Officer Sargent was determined to prove that NO ONE can avoid traffic tickets.

  154. jeroen

    “Now I can finally play with my blow-pipe alone”

  155. psr

    ‘Psssst! Come here boy! You look mighty cute’with that tie!’

  156. Patrick

    Yo keep an eye out for the police, I’am taking a leek

  157. gdf


  158. heh

    Oh, he’s living up to his name alright.

  159. JC reels

    over here ssst got some problems down below there is something in my pants i am wondering what it could be its lake a bug known what i’m sayn

  160. JC reels

    like that book hwere is wally
    but now i’ts wheres bushy (behind the bush)
    en his evil twin saddam

  161. hi-d

    bush: excuse me…
    security dude: what do U want!
    bush: do you know who i am?! i am the president of the un….
    sercurity dude: im busy now, can i ignore you later?

  162. Lars

    Monica, nobody can see us, so continue! Do you want to suckseed at the White House or what!

  163. Uh-Oh

    Oh shit…he’s escaped

  164. aki

    I amBush

  165. pan

    “Has Saddam left yet?”

  166. John G

    Dick-its’s ok george he’s really back there take a look
    George-really dick hold on, Osama you back here man

  167. Decay

    “Help me, officer! Someone bastard is tears my ass!!!”

  168. LabyrinthPrincess

    Bush: Oh Mr Security Guard……

  169. weeee

    Ui! Tenho medo da sakura!!!

  170. chris

    shhh,dont tell any 1 about my secret gf

  171. anon

    I SUCKED RANDOMGAY’S DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  172. anon

    COME HERE!!!!!!!, Sweetie Boy, Darrell Issa!!!!!!!!, I’ll blow you for free, If the recall is successful!!!!!!!.

  173. anon

    SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!, Don’t tell any one about my secret boyfriend.

  174. anon

    BLOW ME, DARRELL ISSA!!!!!!!!!, LAURA’S NOT WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  175. anon

    Darrell Issa’s a FATHER FUC*ER LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  176. usman

    I reckon he is having sex with jhonny Howard in Bushes.

  177. bub

    I hope they haven’t noticed that I ducked off for a wank.

  178. bob

    Whait ,ntill he finds out I peed on his leg

  179. Tristan

    mission impossible music starts playing in the background…

  180. jon

    one in the hand is worth two in the bush

  181. pmacca01

    And now we see a real British Police Officer. Isn’t he a beaut. But let’s not get too close. They can be very dangerous. Isn’t that right, Terry?

  182. Jeremy Helton

    WOW….u are so hott. I wish u were my bodygauard

  183. kelly

    even bush needs security to take a whiz behind a tree

  184. Mark Plag

    I want love this soldier!!! I need very much!!! Here nobody see me!!! Hellloooo, little cat, fisssst!!! Let´s my bad!!!!

  185. Mark Plag

    O Presidente Bush está paquerando um guarda! Ele é um cretino e isso não é novidade para ninguém! Um verdadeiro bunda suja! Um homossexual enrustido! Um terrorista! Um macaco com fantasia de homem! No mínimo tem um pênis pequeno e leva muito chifre da sua mulher, Barbara!

  186. Rentalbean

    “Man… look at that ass! …ugh…er….with one hand on that hot little badge and the other on that pickle, I’d ride that secret service little ass! ..er ugh!”

  187. CTownHood

    “This guy has misunderestimated my hideablility”

  188. MWins

    I did poopies and pee-pee’s.

  189. Tara

    Shhh!!!! I’ve been playing hide and seek and they still haven’t found me!

  190. Layne Malmstrom

    wheres the president….there he is!

  191. ron

    go ahead mr president. noones looking now

  192. Girly Girl

    The elusive Bushwhacker leaps into action, pulling a quick one over on an unsuspecting secret service agent.

  193. Oscar

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush!

  194. spat

    *Hihi, that was my first chemical attack!*

  195. spat

    * Ooo… I’m so glad I kept Monica on the staff *

  196. anon

    I’m sneaking out to buy my “Rican Construction”, “Black Sex Party”, “Bulging Beefcake”, “That Boy”, “The Idol”, “Man’s Country”, “Black Workout”, “Just Blondes”, “Gayracula”, “Sex Machine”, “Greek Mythology”, “Hot & Heavy”, “Hothouse”, “New York Construction”, “A Weekend At My Uncle’s”, Joe Landon films & MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Laura’s boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  197. anon

    I LOVE French Dicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  198. Kelk

    Stop it Tony, theres a gaurd near by

  199. Robby

    Hey man, Hide my stash…IT”S THE COPS!!

  200. nic


  201. fjdls

    How DARE you take my picture while I’m takin’ a whizz!!

  202. TheGrace

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  203. Gary Coleman

    Killing iraqis 0 $
    Being President 0$
    checkin out strangers tushies….Priceless

  204. George Bush

    You! Cupcake! Dammit, find me some fresh pants!

  205. dustin cobwebs

    this prank is gonna be so awesome

  206. Piran

    hey! guardy! come and catch me if you can!

  207. princess2

    If I could just hide from Cheney for one day and have some fun!… MARCO…..

  208. dogma

    Damn! No weapons of mass destruction here either!

  209. Buceph

    Ten days and they still haven’t found me.

  210. Usurnana

    Old Testament Guy George is waiting for the Bush to burn, anyone got a match?

  211. Jillie

    Alas, for even though his is fifty-seven, the poor man still likes to play hide-and-go-seek.

  212. Bohatnik

    “Wow, he’s not only the founder, he’s also a client!”

  213. Matt Bacon

    Damn cops, always ruining my fun!

  214. Ben Rusty

    Don’t worry Mr. Howard… Nobody will find us in here…

  215. Daniel Flynn

    Meet the Bushes.

  216. nick

    Bush: Ok next game i’ll count to 10 and you hide…actually better make that 3.

  217. Ian

    A Bush behind a bush

  218. Carol

    “Man, I knew I shouldn’t have drank so much water.”

  219. Ed Z

    Condi where are you? I’m getting cold in here!

  220. Ed Z

    Hey Condi, come over here, I have a special Presidential surprise to show you…

  221. fred

    George bush lives up to his name

  222. Timothy

    Well Bush is my last name!

  223. Boucherz

    Some should trim that Bush back….

  224. Robert

    I hope that officer didn’t see me that I was having sex with Sarah Palin.

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