Wheel chair high jump


The new handicap olympics high jump record.

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91 Captions for “Wheel chair high jump”

  1. KY

    things just got out of hand on saturday.
    let’s get stoned and jump off my roof

  2. Yo

    This photo is from the personal collection of Osteopathic surgeon Dr. Joseph Mengele.

  3. Anonymous

    Christopher Reeve, still in denial that he is no longer the Man of Steal, gives it one more shot.

  4. Cary Kingdom

    Ahhh! I just saw Marlon Brando eat a kitten whole! Goodbye, cruel world!

  5. s.chandler

    “take this you crappy rice burner!”

  6. Jimmy the Fish

    Memo to all staff: Even though we no longer have any physically disabled persons in our employ, smoke breaks on the roof are being suspended until installation of the safety lip. Thank you.

    The Management.

  7. spat

    Because he has artificial legs, Joe fitted the Benji-elastic round his neck.

  8. bgray288

    The initial prototype of the Segway personal transporter failed miserably.

  9. bumpagully

    See that squiggly thing next to the box off to the right? That’s what’s left of the Bunjee Cord.

  10. Anonymous

    I hope I get on Jackass.

  11. I can fly

    Derek decided to take a shortcut to the parking lot.

  12. onebad427

    Looks like one of those dumb asses on “Jackass” is finally going to get what he deserves !!!

  13. nurg

    Goddamn Japanese cars, I’m takin’ you out!

  14. hobber knobber

    New tactic of getting people who take handicap places and dont have a tag.

  15. Pokejedservo

    *singing* I CAN KISS THE SKY!

  16. filkertom

    Promotional screenshot of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 9: Give It Up Dude.

  17. Da Konz

    Unknown to all who see this picture, to the left is the world’s biggest woman…..Ol’ Johny here just wants a piece of the ‘action’.

  18. Reut

    Wait a minute did you say a WHEELCHAIR?! i thought you meant a JETPACK! AAAAAAAA

  19. Anonymous

    And they thought being paralysed would end my dare devil carreer. THINK AGAIN!

  20. Lex Mansky

    “This will teach that jerk in the Kia to park in the handicapped spot.”

  21. lawrence

    Auditions for the new Superman movie are going well as this next actor gets into the spirit and gives some extra dramatic flair to his reading.

  22. tatroyer

    Boys off picture-
    Boy 1: “See, I told you he was really handicapped.”
    Boy 2: “Huh, well live and learn.”

    Boy in wheelchair: “Timmy?!?”

  23. LM

    Christopher Reeves would never turn down another sequel.

  24. Anonymous

    Evel Knievel just doesn’t know when it’s time to retire.

  25. Anonymous

    “Yeah…our building is wheelchair accessible. Why don’t you try out our new invisible ramp” (big push) “he he he”

  26. Cary Kingdom

    What do you get when you cross Tony Hawk with Steven Hawkings?

  27. Les

    uhhhh Dude, I’m gonna keep doin this till I do it right uhhhhh

  28. spat

    Joe is our regular base-jump tester.
    You never know if a building is high enough…

  29. Anonymous

    Fun photos from this year’s Former Stunt Double Picnic.

  30. Crunchy

    “R” is for “Reggie” who jumped off of roofs.

  31. alan seaton

    Harrold always found creative ways to evade the lanlord when he couldn’t pay his rent.

  32. Otto

    One leg broken, might as well go for two!

  33. Creepy

    I change my mind…too late…AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

  34. Nugget Rancher

    The last stunt on “Fear Factor” before the courts shut them down.

  35. Timmy


  36. alan seaton

    This guy just found out that gravity is not his friend either.

  37. donkeyman

    Some of President Bush’s new social program reforms go a little too far . . .

  38. jwd

    Bringing new meaning to the “Persons With Disabilities Act”

  39. Anonymous

    Christopher Reeve reprises his role as Superman.

  40. Dave


  41. Mike Parnos

    Evil Kneivel ain’t got nuthin’ on me!

  42. Waaaaaaaassup?

    When Waldorf finally tested his flying weelchair, he had forgotten the wings.

  43. Oetjepoe!

    “Pull out the mattress, guys. Walter’s jumping again!”

  44. GreyDuck

    The amazing part, of course, is that he cleared the entire building in the first place.

  45. spat

    Shot from the clip “One day I’ll fly away” (by Janis Ian).
    It took 47 takes and as much actors and they still didn’t get it right.

  46. KY

    Dude let’s get stoned and jump off my roof!

  47. Uncle Mike

    The police never suspected Steven to be the catburglar making off with all the heists. The police also never realized how serious Steven was when he said he was never going to jaul.

  48. Jack

    Ashcroft nails another enemy combatant.

  49. rivercardz

    E! Scoop Exclusive! Shocker Tobey Maguire Spidey sequel! After Peter Parker suffers terrible accident in scene one, when his web line snaps, he continues his fight against evil, despite all odds.

  50. Anonymous

    What happens when you fancy the girlfriend of the school bully.

  51. Haddie

    Didn’t kill myself the first time, just landed in this wheelchair. Maybe this will fix it?

  52. Cousin Eddie

    These SPECIAL OLYMPICS are getting way too easy.

  53. Happy Meal

    DUDE, there’s my car!

  54. Gary Coleman

    Maybe if I look retarted and throw my arms up, I won’t make such a big splat.

  55. jim

    “welp, im probably gonna miss wheelchair basketball tonight”

  56. Kymbo limbo

    Weeeeeeee….see I told you Dudes I could trampoline!!!!

  57. La Esterella

    Jimmy didn’t like half work. So he jumped again to be totally disabled.

  58. David

    after many attempts to get onto Fear Factor, Jimmy decided to go it alone with his own show, Wheels of Fortune.

  59. Me

    Um. I have a question… WHAT THE HELL WAS HE DOING ON THE ROOF WITH A WHEEL CHAIR. eh hem.. sorry.

  60. Me

    Johnny is still having a tough time with his new anti gravity wheel chair I see…

  61. fastedi

    Bungee cord? Who needs a bungee cord??!!

  62. yarivon

    I believe i can fly,
    i believe i can touch the sky….
    or not!!!!

  63. gunrunner

    didn’t this used to be a multi storey?

  64. Hannah

    “Enough of these strong superheroes — we need someone the public can identify with. How about Wheelchair Man?”

  65. paratrooper

    Jim realized he should have gave up the roofing buiseness after his first accident

  66. Jim

    Robbie Kneivel’s last jump

  67. Dan H

    Hospital bills avoiding technique.

  68. catchow

    Johnny figured he was already paralyzed so he might as well go for it

  69. chickendinner

    between this and good parking spaces–they get all the fun

  70. bill

    Johnny Airtimes greatest jump.

  71. Mark Smith


  72. Daniel

    “I can fly.. i can fly… i can fl.. OH SHIT!!! I CANT FLY! I CANT FLY! heeelllppppp

  73. Mike Meyers

    Extreme handicap sports!

  74. Atrocity

    The handicapped tried to start an X Games of their own like the Special Olympics…but…

  75. Robbie

    The stunt who finally killed Jimmy Knoxville.

  76. Stew Pidassle

    And all this time I was told that elderly people at nursing homes die of natural causes.

  77. Peachy

    i believe i can FLYYY

  78. drildo dan

    Steven Hawkings Pro-Wheelchair

  79. Laura Bush

    Analogy for George Bush’s Iraq policy.

  80. Grizzlychicken

    oops, forgot the feathers

  81. dustin cobwebs

    boy this is dangerous.. I could become even more paralised

  82. dustin cobwebs

    supermans still got it!


    merry christmas glen hoddle

  84. Audiodoode

    “Okay guys, check it out, cuz I’m only gonna do this once!”

  85. trmadol

    I always have terrible trouble with comment-related plugins that require me to put some line in the comment loop; I can never seem to find the right spot. Can anyone tell me where I should put the php line in my comments loop? I haven not modified anything much, and I would be very grateful. Thanks!

  86. bob

    X-treme paralympics!

  87. Audiodoode

    Look! Up in the sky! It’s……. Handi-Man!

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