When good clowns go bad


After years faithful service, Ronald finally gave in to the Hamburgler’s temptations. He was ultimately caught and punished. They forced him to eat nothing but McRib™ sandwiches for the rest of his life.

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148 Captions for “When good clowns go bad”

  1. angie

    dammit, i didn’t get to finish my fries!

  2. mike

    Hey look at me! I’m flying!

  3. ye

    Paulo and Michael quickly hurried back the last piece for the secret playground in their backyard…

  4. Anonymous

    American special forces are now using American fast food icons to lure out the hungry taliban forces held up in the Tora Bora caves. You can see two soldiers moving the “bait” into position.

  5. Jo jo, the idiot circus boy

    It was the hamburgler I sware. You bastards!

  6. Anonymous

    The cops hauled the sobbing Ronald away, leaving the pathetic, bite-covered corpse of Mayor McCheese behind for the forensics team.

  7. Guava

    Two unidentified Vegan Police Dept. officers apprehend the man suspected of 45 billion bovine slaughters daily. Here the suspect appears to assume Hatha yoga position #2 in an attempt to pass himself off as an innocent and garishly garbed yogi.

  8. Anonymous

    We found him snooping around Dave Thomas’s kitchen. He almost made it to the woods, but we got em.

  9. Anonymous

    I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you medling kids.

  10. Anonymous

    DO you know who I am, pig!

  11. JL

    She told me she was 18!

  12. Anonymous

    The grease made him do it.

  13. mike

    He told me he was 18!

  14. Viehauser

    I OWN the big mack BITCH!!!!!!!! I will not tell!!!!!

  15. brian

    The Play Place was never the same after Ronald was deemed a threat to society.

  16. greg

    This is fun! Now swing me back and forth!

  17. rayex

    But, I thought I was supposed to see Jesus at the end of the tunnel of light, not some friend of Mayor McCheese’s!

  18. mary

    don’t worry mr. policeman, you’ll ALWAYS have a friend wearing big red shoes. by the way, do you believe in magic?

  19. Cletus

    That lit fart had quite a turbo effect, huh?

  20. saucy

    now the cops are profiling WHITE guys in baggy pants…

  21. cecilia =)

    kids, don’t ever trust strangers.. not even when they’re sitting on the bench..

  22. Eric


  23. Cappy

    Bad Boys Bad Boys/ Whatcha gonna do?

  24. mark

    “What IS this with the teenage girls in this neighborhood?? God, this thing’s heavy.” “So, dja want a McDoughnut?”

  25. Anonymous


  26. Anonymous

    Hey, it could happen

  27. tvela

    Thirty minutes after scientists finally discovered the secret ingredient in the secret sauce.

  28. Pedro

    Alright clown, you’ve caused enough heart attacks, we’re runnin’ you in….!

  29. Kenn Young

    It started with a single recreational puff of McMarajuana, but, tragicly, in the end, Ronald was done in by McMethamphetamine.

  30. paleoguy

    two policemen carry back the helium-filed inflatable Ronald McDonald sex toy back to their squad car found in the local city park. details at eleven…

  31. Kelli

    “I didn’t mean anything by it! I was just wanted to see you smile!”

  32. Johnno

    its just not the same tying a LOVEDOLL to the bed is it?

  33. D.L.

    So O.J. finally tracked me down!

  34. Damion


    ((We’re really not doin’ much better now, folks….))

  35. Melanie

    I was only playing with the child!

  36. Velo

    Michael Jackson’s last attempt at happiness…foiled.

  37. Anonymous

    Let’s take this gimp back to the slammer and make him ground our rounds

  38. Porked Your Mom

    Hey you two, quit clowning around and get back to work!

  39. Inxply

    Foot and Mouth coming through!

  40. Steven

    3 clowns

  41. Runfaster

    With the negative press and evidence planted the coup d’etat was successful, Grimace would now reign supreme.

  42. Newt

    Ronald’s evil twin went on another one of his infamamous three day benders.

  43. amnesiac13

    ouch! OW! hey! watch the plastic ass there, boy!

  44. Anonymous

    A sex toy caught raping a 3-year old child outside of McDonalds.

  45. Cropuscular

    Looks like Ron got caught masturbating cats again…

  46. Camillion

    In The News: Ronald resists arrest at a save the forest protest.

  47. Anonymous

    “But officer, I asked her if she wanted to sample my Big Mac! She agreed!”

  48. enar


  49. Micah

    Ronald arrested today for assaulting the Taco Bell dog. Poor little chihuahua will never be the same.

  50. Anonymous

    Ronald McDonald being hauled away by two cops.

  51. carter

    Don’t cry kids, at least it’s not New York, they didn’t shoot his ass.

  52. pow2k2

    Suddenly, the happy meal wasn’t too happy anymore.

  53. me

    The child molestation ring, organised and perpatrated by Rodald Mcdonald himself, was abruptly put to an end.

  54. 9Nails

    “Hang on guys, I’ll ask them to put donuts on our menu! Ok?”

  55. Jim Bob

    Michael Jackson’s final days

  56. jade

    Ronald arrested after tree hugging demo goes bad… Story at 11

  57. Fat Seanny

    McDonald’s character arrested after trying to use a euphimismistic “my happy meal” to lure boys into giving him sexual attention.

  58. Gram

    must.. click.. heels.. three.. times.. ugh.. cant.. do it.. burger fat.. too .. heavy..

  59. Lou

    Cow mutilator revealed, aliens off the hook.

  60. Furry


  61. Anonymous

    Carrot Top sucks.

  62. Sally

    Hey, you guys dont beleive in magic do ya..

  63. Tyler Barton

    The US Government finally found Osama bin Loden …

  64. Anonymous

    my burgers are 100% soylet green….honest !

  65. Erica

    McDonald’s spokesperson Ronald McDonald was arrest on charges of child molestation, posession of drugs, and selling drugs to minors last week after he was discovered taking part in a lewd orgy/drug party at the Ronald McDonald children’s hospital. Several parents are suing because they were not invited to participate.

  66. Quique

    Did somebody say McDonald’s? No, they said come out with your hands up!

  67. fisher

    After a night-long coke-induced rampage, Ronald McDonald was finally apprehended outside his ranch estate. “We’ve always known Ronald has a problem,” said one police spokesman, “it’s what causes that redness under his nose.”

  68. stupidhead

    i dont suppose you guys want a big mac right about now? cmon, my teat?

  69. Furry

    “What? The little boy said he wanted me to put a straw in his cup…what else am i supposed to do?”

  70. Foolio

    watch the hair…

  71. Jason

    Whatever! Whatever! I can do what I want!

  72. John

    Mike and Bubba Wright, determined to emerge from their grandfather’s shadow, continue to make strides in the field of clown aviation.

  73. Mesa

    We love to see u smile

  74. Justin

    Years in the future the Burger Wars were taking to new heights, but the conflict ended when rebel leader Ronald was finally subdued by Burger King Special Forces…..

  75. nacio

    ….at this point, Ronald is trying to figure out what he will say so he won’t get beat down in prison….

  76. egg

    a spokes man for Ronald mcDonald states that he is a victim of the new racial profiling

  77. Reed

    Ronald can stand it no longer and protests outside a beef processing plant.

  78. tfstrum

    I’ll get Jack for this…

  79. Sadie

    It wasn’t me! IT WAS THE HAMBURGLAR!

  80. Henny

    Why McDonalds should never try to buy out Dunkin’ Donuts

  81. Adam

    we told Ronald not to touch the little kids there, but nooo…

  82. lil_b

    she was 21, I swear. She asked for a happy meal coy and I gave her one.

  83. Jess

    Like I said Vern, the only good clown, is a dead clown.

  84. Mr. Ramon

    In a desperate attempt to become the star of McDonald’s Saturday morning advertising campaigns, Mayor McCheese ordered the McDonaldland Police Department to arrest Ronald McDonald for undisclosed charges.

  85. Drox

    This just in.. Ronald McDonald caught jerking off in front of two pre-teenage kids, asked one pre teen if he could help him stroke it..

  86. Kammie

    I thought you were my friend Ronald, I believed in your magic, but that all faded away when you stuck your dick up that little boys as, thats not magic Ronald!

  87. Drox

    Ah Damn.. I knew I shouldn’t have been peeping on that little boy and his sister.. I knew this would be the end of me

  88. Lay-Z

    The guys on cell block D will always have a bitch wearing big red shoes

  89. Hecata

    Maryjane? I don’t have any maryjane!

  90. Krista

    “Nothing can kill a Grimace>”

  91. Steven

    New photos released by the Neverland police show a visibly shaken Micheal Jackson. Details are still unclear as to why he had donned a Ronald McDonald costume but insiders believe Mr. Jackson may have been trying to circumvent a restraining order issued to limit contact with an 8yr old boy.

  92. Mark

    Would you like fries with that?…orifice?

  93. Big M

    Always new there was something with this “real” children’s friend

  94. Anonymous

    Trying to steal recipes from Burger King, ay?

  95. Alex

    This is what happens when you try to show the kids in the park your McCock.

  96. CloudNine

    Com’on officer, he was practically begging, he was curious to see if ALL of my hair was this red.

  97. Milo

    He took the word “freeze” a bit too litterally

  98. genji

    Damn, this thing just won’t stay put!

  99. Mike

    Michael Jackson in the year 2024…

  100. kittykat

    But officer, I didn’t mean to get a hard on while that sexy 7 year old boy was sitting on my lap!

  101. Bri

    Are they recruting?..Hey it could happen

  102. Bri

    They realized what he meant by “Over 9 billion served”

  103. spat

    NO, I’m not pretending to be Ronald Reagan…

  104. Travis

    he was aressted because of endesent expolsure to the little kids in the resturaunt.

  105. brando

    Ronald was five minutes late for work, Mayor McCheese had had enough.

  106. Tezza

    ronald could not take it ne more he had to do it the taco bell dog is no more

  107. _AK_

    R we going back to ur house?

  108. Babylon


  109. mdc58

    She asked if she could french my fry. I just offered to biggie size it.

  110. Karl Marx

    Next week on a very special episode of Oz….

    *shot of Ronald McDonald crying*

  111. jennifer

    This is what happens when you try to show the kids in the park your McCock.

  112. SuPeR_BrOtHeR

    I bet he’s not smiling now.

  113. monkey

    Reverend O’Neil found his clown disguise to be more of a hinderence than a help

  114. liam j

    i asked the kid what he wanted in his happy meal,he told me to surprise him!honestly!he basicaly told me to!

  115. Anonymous

    I’m Telling you! I dont know where those bodies got buried!

  116. cutetexasgal

    “It was the HAMBURGULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  117. Anonymous

    NO! No! It was the hambugerler i tell you.

  118. Anonymous

    They questioned him for hours at the station before anyone figured out he was a statue.

  119. alan seaton

    Ronald found it hard to escape the arresting officers as his legs were plastered together……………..

  120. Les

    In sad news today, Ronald McDonald was arrested after the bodies of Burger King and the Duke of Doubt were found in his backyard.

  121. resisobilus

    …cannot afford an attorney, an Extra-Value atorney will be appointed to you. Super-size for just 20 cents more…

  122. tortued soul

    Cop:”We told you not to be within 100 yards from the health food store”
    Ronald:”But, But, But”
    Cop:”We’re going to get a combo meal..”
    Ronald:”Sounds great, remember to smile for the helpful mcDonalds employees”
    Second cop:”From burger king”

  123. BillyJoeBob

    “Preliminary reports say Ronald had joked about his rapist antics, stating he: “Served over 50 teenagers.”

  124. erica

    do you want lies with that?

  125. paratrooper

    All I was dong was provinig to her it is true what they say about guys with a size 24 redshoe!

  126. paratrooper

    on the next eppisode of “The Bid Red Shoes Diary”

  127. chris

    put the handcuffs on, put the handcuffs on, everybody come on, put the handcuffs on

  128. Mascot

    …and so we finally learn the secret behind the “special sauce” and authorities arrest it’s founder, seen here in the park where he solicits unknowing participants who help create the sauce. Confiscated during the arrest were several empty plastic containers, a stack of Big Mac “$1 off” coupons, and a box of condoms.


    And you call yourself a vegetarian, Ronal McDonald! (and yes, he really is a vegetarian)

  130. paul bonser

    ronnie mcdonald eats plastic toy

  131. Capcom Freedom

    Nooo! The ingrediant was not my idea! Its my sweat but its not my fault i shoved my pits into every burger! oh ya, the fries, you dont wanna know were they game fron : O

  132. CTownHood

    After serving billions and billions….Ronald McDonald finally snapped….10 dead…5 seriously injured

  133. Wicked Rapunzel

    Single suspect arrested in the reported rape of Dairy Queen

  134. Khorne

    Police arrest Ronald McDonald after Michael Jackson turns state evidence against old friend in child molestation case.

  135. Andrew Anorak

    On Mayday, anarchists go further than just smashing up McDonalds restraunts

  136. JimmyFunk

    Michael Jackson was long gone before they realised they had arrested the wrong creepily dressed white guy.

  137. FunkyNinjaMan

    Come on, officers! Let`s go flying! Whhheeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  138. JimmyFunk

    If you don’t let me go right now I’m taking McDonuts off the menu….FOREVER!

  139. Tom

    Some people are so funny… not me though.

  140. rolando rsamirez

    the taco bell dog never stood a chance, he did say, yo quiero cocko bell!

  141. rolando rsamirez

    ronald mcdonald, ur aunder arrest foir raping michael jack son and his sister! and the taco bell dog!


  142. Bozark

    …and so the centurians led Ronald to the place known as Gogotha, and did nail him to the golden arches there. And they did hang a sign from the arches saying ” Ronald McDonald. King of the MEATCLOWNS!”

  143. Paul Merrill

    I think we’ve found the Bush replacement candidate for 2008

  144. Zinc443

    I was young… I needed the work

  145. Lucy

    This was Ronald McDonald’s fourth time on the rap. Only this time, they got two cops

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