When squirrels go bad


Sorry for the title, I just couldn’t help it.

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64 Captions for “When squirrels go bad”

  1. yodling6500

    it tastes like burning..

  2. Anonymous

    First Bud had the dog…
    Then the frogs…
    Now squirrels?!
    PETA’s gonna get pissed.

  3. Anonymous

    9 out of 10 rodents prefer the taste of Bud over Old Style.

  4. Anonymous

    Wildlife’s wild life.

  5. Anonymous

    Jethro’s attempt to commune with the surrounding wildlife goes over well with the area squirrel community.

  6. cannelle

    Taste tests confirm: nine out of ten scabie covered rabies squirrels prefer the taste of Budweiser.

  7. Patrick

    The next morning, this squirrel woke up in bed with a possum and a serious case of the “coyotes”.

  8. Drake

    Male squirrels are very attracted to the urine of female squirrels. Or something that smells like it.

  9. Henry Red

    After the devastating forest-fire, many animals forgot their troubles in alcohol.

  10. Kereltje

    Budweiser, a beer for the stuffed-up.

  11. Anonymous

    Mr.Squirrel just found out what goes best with nuts.

  12. Les

    And people say Joe Camel was bad!

  13. PEW

    Bud, It’s not just for rednecks and Mexicans anymore

  14. mslemon

    Mervin was dimly aware of the chorus of snickers and guffaws from his squirrel buddies as he painfully sucked down the rest of the beer into his now bloated belly. How he wished he would have picked “truth” instead!

  15. spat

    I’ve been blowin’ for the last half hour, but I still don’t feel a thing. Man, I tell you, this blowin’ sucks!

  16. Anonymous

    Got Beer?

  17. Anonymous

    Darn! It’s empty too…

  18. Anonymous

    Scientists discover the cause of decline in squirrel population – “Whiskey Dick”.

  19. Kate

    Even scabie covered rabid squirrels won’t drink Old Style.

  20. tatroyer

    “Frankie” the mob squirrel henchman, chuckles to himself as he opens the second beer drum in preparation of disposing the Budweiser Frogís bodies. No one messes with the Don Ferret and gets away with it.

  21. jwd

    That’s not a squirrel: It’s an extreme case of “bitter beer face”!

  22. alan seaton

    Even with a generous retirement package and all the telephone wire he could chew on, Rustee the squirrel was never the same after his circus days………..

  23. alan seaton

    being the gentleman that he is, nutz the squirrel saved the malt liquor for the female rodents.

  24. Anonymous

    Mr.Squirrel just found out what goes best with nuts.

  25. Samantha

    “wow that good shit! Got anymore in here?”

  26. Anonymous

    Budweiser? BUDWEISER?! these people have no taste…

  27. Anonymous

    I’m gettin’ some pussy tonight

  28. Brutus

    The afterpartys on the “Chipmunks X-mas” tour were wild.

  29. Anonymous

    Pepsi,… whass Pepsi?

  30. Steve 1


  31. JK

    Squirrels in the posh neighborhood of East Dayton (or Atlantic City)

  32. Anonymous

    Chipper the squirrel liked to add backwash when the campers weren’t looking.

  33. Anonymous

    Do you know where your beer has been?

  34. Anonymous

    “Authorities at the CDC are working around the clock to uncover the apparent connection between the current outbreak of bubonic plague and Budweiser.”

  35. Uncle Mike

    Scrappy always used a straw because there’s no telling where the human’s lips were last.

  36. wrong song

    next morning he forgot where he left his nuts.

  37. Anonymous

    How Sammy Squirrel eats a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup…

  38. chris howe

    Heavy drinking allways caused Jed to get a bit squirrely

  39. phscko

    finally some good beer!

  40. BibbyKat

    Hey Bud, I’m still faithfull!

  41. FR

    Budweiser finally found a way to attract children: with every can of Bud you get a free squirrel.

  42. Drake

    That same evening Babble was caught driving drunk in his pink Corvette.

  43. Alex Kaseberg

    Careful there, Sparky. Last time you got drunk you woke up with a prarie dog.

  44. babylon


  45. kudmunky

    Damn! Sharron You Are Starting To Look Good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Fleetwood

    Joe Pesci’s cool retirement days….

  47. BoMoFo

    When Bullwinkle returned with the pizza, he went through the usual routine: Hey Rocky, watch me pull a cold beer out of the cooler… what? you pounded the whole twelver again!

  48. lincoln weir

    so this is where all that wildlife society money went..they pissed it all away

  49. Vid

    Proof fraternity hazing even exists in the animal kingdom…

  50. Anth

    *staggers* woah…dude! I knew I could make a bong out of this! *puff* wooooo

  51. burnt

    Following Pepsi’s example,

    Budweiser tries their “Bud Challenge” on their new demographic.

  52. Dave


  53. spoonpoker

    god,i thought they would never go away,i will just have a small sip before they come back.(berp)

  54. spoonpoker

    bud weiser,gods nectar.even the squirrels know that.

  55. s. chandler

    “98 bottles of beer on the wall,98 bottles of beeeer”

  56. Anonymous

    Rocky drinks up before heading out to intimidate the UCLA students.

  57. Fishamaphone

    More when we return to VH1’s “Behind the Music: Alvin and the Chipmunks”

  58. Bob S

    Hey, I’m just a squirrel trying to find a bud.

  59. Sarah

    Timmy no! You dont know where those humans mouths have been!

  60. Anonymous

    “now for only 19.95….SQUIRRELS GONE WILD!”

  61. spacetruckennam

    and ladies& gentleman the last test for Sammy the squirrel on animal surviver tonight- is to slam this beer, crunch the can against his head,& belch the national anthem

  62. lawrence

    What squirrels do when they run out of blow.

  63. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    Waddaya all looking at?Ever tried to drink out of a can with these frontteeth…

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