Who’s more intimidating than The Big Unit?

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63 Captions for “Who’s more intimidating than The Big Unit?”

  1. -Mascot

    The little box with the red x is ALWAYS more intimidating that any Big Unit!

  2. Fallen

    A picture is worth 1,000 words, but a little red “x” only gets about 15 of them.

  3. -Mascot

    One of these things is not like the others…

  4. s.chandler

    Rogaine and nuns NOT a good combo!

  5. s.chandler

    “May the Force be with you” a dreaded curse from a spiteful Yoda!

  6. Shadowbat

    Chewbacca was later thrown out of the game for pitching the illegal and dangerous hairball.

  7. Kenneth

    im her bodyguard and don’t you hit her in this baseball match

  8. Coyoty

    Barry Bonds finds it increasingly difficult to deny using steroids. Or prostitutes.

  9. Darin Madden

    The original movie title was “Star Wars Empire Strikes OUT”

  10. Simon

    The wookie is ours… Leah though? deep down, we all always knew she pitched for ‘the other team’.

  11. Alex Kaseberg

    “Welcome to Trekkie Night. All virgin men over 30 living with Mom get in free.”

  12. Coyoty

    Hearing that most people would rather “let the Wookie win”, and live, the Cubs sign up Chewbacca.

  13. -Mascot

    It’s still early in the season, but I think he stands a good chance for “Wookie of the Year”.

  14. -Mascot

    so that’s what they mean by south “paw”…

  15. trinawoods

    Sure, the Yankee organization can afford his contract. It’s the razor blades, dipilitories and wax treatments that’ll kill ’em.

  16. siddhartha

    Anything to distract people from Bonds…MLB tests markets “Chewy Night” with only Wookies on the mound and only Slim Jims at concession.

  17. siddhartha

    And all the Stormtroopers in the stands were pissed because they realized that Chewy’s bag only held baseballs and a glove.

  18. siddhartha

    Tim Allen, in dire need of work, auditions to be the new Red Sox mascot in his Shaggy Dog costume. He brings along his “Home Improvement” wife Jill for support.

  19. -Mascot

    wow…put hair on the Cingular logo and it looks just like Chewbacca pitching.

  20. Coyoty

    When he sang the National Anthem, it was still better than Rosanne.

  21. Shadowbat

    Coyoty, that IS Roseanne singing the national anthem! Behold the powers of steroids and Botox.

  22. Mikey S

    This used to be Pedro Martinez….until the steriod thing caught on.

  23. JMan

    Chewie, throw me a Fur-Ball!

  24. Fartman

    Prinses Leia really let herself go…

  25. s.chandler


  26. Malin

    Ho the fuck are you?? Do i know you?? get lost Looser

  27. Simon

    “Raawr!” Brawwww” “w00t”

    Translation:”Pardon me Leah, while I whip this out”

  28. sammy


  29. Captain Oblivious

    Ah, those lovely long locks and that sexy sci-fi look…that must be Lt. Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica! Wow, time sure hasn’t been kind to Cassiopeia.

  30. Captain Confusion

    The one on the right. No! The one on the left. No, the other left. Oh damn, I can’t figure out which one of these two is not like the other!

  31. RyDawg

    Jack Link’s Beef Jerky presents—“Messin’ With Sasquatch”.

  32. Massis

    The winners of Eurovision Song Contest 2007.

  33. Massis

    Eat this, Skywalker! Ooohoowaoah!

  34. rrrrrrrrr

    modern man

  35. Pam M

    Baseball is a bit “different” in Japan…

  36. Tyler

    “While Chewy strikes out another Tusken Raider, some dumb white woman is arrested for running onto the field”

  37. Coyoty

    Chewy was glad he had an egg handy when he spotted George Bush in the stands.

  38. Ed Z

    Stand back Leia – I’ll have to throw this explosive pretty darn hard to reach the death star now!

  39. Ed Z

    After striking out Vader and the Emporer, Chewie couldn’t wait to play “bean the batter” with Yoda!

  40. Benji O'Brien

    Use the force Chewbacca !

  41. fishersm

    Not to be out-done by the Red Sox, after seeing this photo, George Steinbrenner reportedly inked Han Solo to a 3-year deal worth $45.3 million.

  42. Antonio

    Everyone at Yankee Stadium got really excited when Robin Williams threw the first pitch.

  43. heffocheffefer

    Heffocheffefer hates you all 🙁

  44. Bobby

    He ripped Babe Ruth’s arm out of it’s socket and is pitching with it!

  45. Four by Four

    Goddamn you, LET THE WOOKIE WIN!

  46. Tim smedley

    Chewbacca is a bit angry with them 3 strikes,…. HES OUTTA DER!!!!

  47. dawn sharp

    Sister Leah hails Harry.

  48. Splat

    It would seem that the cubs are getting desparate. Perhaps ‘the force’ will help.

  49. Michael E

    Not Another Teen Wolf Movie

  50. l337r3nn

    and in other breaking news, space disco base ball has never been more popular.

  51. adam h

    W T F ?

  52. Tigra

    Wookie Rookie.


    I’ve seen it , its only this big under all that fur !

  54. Sean

    Kevin Youkilis recently shaved his beard for charity, unfortunately attempts to restore his look with various solutions and lotions had failed.

  55. Ronan cole

    Princess Leia- This just doesn’t seem right.

  56. tev

    Jane Goodall enjoys her role as sports agent

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