Why dogs bite


This one was uploaded about 19 times so I guess I should post it. Thanks everyone.

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76 Captions for “Why dogs bite”

  1. D

    What do you mean these aren’t Doggy Rocket Boosters? When I track down that asshole who sold me these I’m going to chew off his toes . . .

  2. eat a dog

    Finding cows inefficient and cumbersome, live stock yards switched to making hot dogs out of more efficient real dogs.

  3. inner ear

    I will be damned if I go out in public in this you SOB!

  4. anon

    the mascots for World Cup 2002 in Korea weren’t widely accepted around the world, but were a big hit in the host nation.

  5. DK

    the mascots for World Cup 2002 in Korea weren’t widely accepted around the world, but were a big hit in the host nation. (decided not to go anon, Korean and proud of it!)

  6. (pdw)

    Before dinner, Marlon Brando likes to take the dogs for a walk.

  7. spat

    Both dogs: “We don’t get it… everybody calls us HOT”.

  8. trippa

    hot dogs get’em while there hot

  9. Anonymous


  10. Anonymous

    Chinese take-out.

  11. Anonymous

    Sometimes you don’t need a doggie bag.

  12. b00mHauer

    Dogs, men’s best fri… snack !

  13. Anonymous

    There’s a difference between food that taste like shit and food that shits.

  14. George

    We’re looking for our friend the Hamburglar, have you seen him?

  15. Petey

    Oh Oh, Here comes that guy in the pushcart again, Run !

  16. Lee

    A sequel to Men in Black? Thank You. Getting serious work is hard to find!

  17. Kim Soon

    There’s nothing more Korean than hot dogs and apple pie.

  18. Wobblebot

    Oscar Meyer’s desperate attempt to dispel the rumors that hot dogs are actually made from ground up old boots, racoon parts, and rat tails.

  19. Alex Kaseberg

    The World Cup Soccer co-hosts South Korea proudly display the Stadium dinner specials.

  20. benwood

    Okay, okay, you’re the frickin’ alpha dog! We give in! You win!

  21. jwd

    “Nice buns!”

  22. Anonymous

    have airbags and they float!!!!

  23. Anonymous

    Mort and Grace though this was cute, what the hell is wrong with them???

  24. Anonymous

    Damn here come the St. Bernards! We are really going to get our asses kicked this time…

  25. lokiseven

    …well, at least they’re not weiner dogs.

  26. cozmo

    you should see our friend PUSSY CAT

  27. bgray

    Fred hated it when those flashbacks hit him during meal time.

  28. Mike

    Brad’s friends all laughed when he takes his dogs for a walk dressed like that, but the chicks think they are cute and Brad ends up getting laid.

  29. Anonymous

    damn chinese americans

  30. ampKing

    why you shouldn’t buy hotdogs in Chinatown

  31. Anonymous

    When dogs take over the Earth you will all die for this, Infidels!

  32. Anonymous

    Guess who aren’t the alpha dogs in the pack ?

  33. Anonymous

    Koreans hot dogs

  34. spat

    Always prepare your dogs for the worst.

  35. Drake

    Gaultier for dogs.

  36. Pam

    It’s Halloween again, and we’re dressed as Bjork at next year’s Oscars!

  37. big red

    black dog: “do you think this hot dog costume makes my ass look big?”

  38. TheCro

    Spay and neuter your pets today.
    Spare them the humiliation.

  39. haha

    you have got to be joking!

  40. cybbis

    Those dogs have some major personality disorder.

  41. Matt

    ‘When we get home, I’m gonna pee in your shoes, you f&*$¬£>!’

  42. aaron

    granny: awwwww your so cute i could just eat you up

  43. Joey

    “Dude you have ketchup on your back”
    “Cool, dude you got mustard on your back”
    “Cool, ok ok what’s on my back”
    “Ketchup, ahhaah how about mine?”

  44. Joey

    “DUDE, you have ketchup on your back”

    “kakaka, Cool, dude you have mustard on your back”

    “Cool, what’s on my back”
    “ketchup, how about mine?”
    “Mustard, kakakka”

  45. Yarivon

    both dogs: “wanna piece of me????”

  46. honeybeep

    “Oh I love to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner”…..

  47. lalala

    why dogs sniff bums

  48. sue

    mmmmm..check my buns …too hot for you..do you think the sauce scent is good..you know you want me..!!

  49. Alan Seaton

    damn roy, the buns arent that bad, but having willy wonka shit on my back just sucks ass!

  50. me

    im a hot dog and u know it!

  51. me

    wow i didnt know my mother in law was on the net!

  52. Les

    Like people say, its a dog eat dog world

  53. Philip

    “Ms, my hot dog is biting my nuts…”

  54. Larry Eckman

    In a failed attempt to appear long and lean for grayhound racing, Oz and Willy apply as race-park vendors instead.

  55. rony


  56. dherold

    Make a distraction and I’ll take out the guy with the relish.

  57. Mic

    What they served us at the recent World Cup at Korea. Lets say it was very fast food

  58. Anonymous

    Think how funny it would look if we started humping

  59. liat

    i only want to say that this are the cutest hot- dogs i’v ever seen:)

  60. hayley

    we love hot dogs we love hot dogs

  61. BibbyKat

    Hot Doggy Baby .. you look good enough to eat!

  62. Chris Walters

    For Haloween the two hot dogs had the clever idea of dressing up as real dogs.

  63. burnt

    MIIB outtakes!

  64. Newt

    The new winter coats for dogs are quite warm, they just look funny

  65. BillyJoeBob

    Wait, I get it weiner dogs… HaHaHa… Oh shit i’m stoned.

  66. Anonymous

    These dogs are more nutritious to eat than what they REALLY put in hot dogs.

  67. lawrence

    Do you think mom will mind we ended up as billboards for all beef kosher dogs?

  68. Mark Smith

    get your ugly dogs get your ugly dogs here ugly dogs here

  69. Adam

    North Korea’s Secret weapon

  70. meg & ange

    Black Dog: “Just grit your teeth ‘n’ smile” Gray Dog: “I can’t I just feel so stupid…”

  71. Me 2

    Macdonald’s NEW meal deal: Two hot dogs & your choice of sauce or mustard! Yeah! Rock on!

  72. dustin cobwebs


  73. Lula

    Our leashes match our condiments!

    So very fashionable, no?

  74. stevey

    buy one get the other free

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