Why sheep go bad


I really don’t know. Do you?

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88 Captions for “Why sheep go bad”

  1. Anonymous

    I didnt know how to git there, sos i got Nelly to drive.

  2. N.

    Cloned sheep are not only fatter than other sheep but are born knowing how to drive.

  3. Anonymous

    After her death, Lamb Chop, Charley Horse and Hush Puppy were freed at last from Shari’s tight grip to pursue their own dreams. Lamb Chop, no longer required by contract to keep her fleece “white as snow” delights in dirtbike instruction from the sport’s reformed Amish founder.

  4. Steve 1

    Come to Australia, where men are men and pretty girls are hard to find

  5. harry_k

    After years of dog dominance, sheep rise up and throw off their chains of slavery.

    Unfortunately, in the process realise that riding side saddle has some limitations.

    This creates the conuundrum of trading sex for power.

  6. ComaCleaR

    Why the sheep you ask? Simple, pigs are slippery.

  7. Van H

    Another taboo gone…

  8. Geist

    Ever since that high-school prank went awry, Paul has learned to live with the Mrs. Fluffy glued to his genitals.

  9. (pdw)

    Now, let’s find a bumpy road.

  10. (pdw)

    Sure beats the ol’e velcro trousers in the sheep-shagging convenience department.

  11. DVile

    After a long debate on whether or not Nelly needed a corsage, Billy Bob wisked her away to his 10th consecutive high school prom, and hoped that this year.. he would finally be crowned king.

  12. b00mHauer

    Shaved on the sheep’s back: If you can read this, the shepherd fell of.

  13. Moscow

    As he braked in front of the dog, joe’s cow-shaped airbag suddenly went off.

  14. Kurash

    The real secret of cloning is revealed…and you thought it was a test tube.

  15. jeffb1965

    With promises of wedded splendor, Wooly finally romanced the shepherd into taking her away from her bucolic lifestyle and her overbearing parents.

  16. Anonymous

    Just another Saturday night in the Outback.

  17. Babylon

    Herd this biatch

  18. SickCylo

    The old angry sheep finally got her revenge on the evil WOOOOOOOLLLLLLVES. Babe is not far behind.

  19. Mel

    I love Betty Lou, but Fluffy here is less hairy!

  20. SickCylo

    After eating a patch of wild mushrooms, Roxxy — the Border Collie was confronted by her worst nightmare.

  21. Anonymous

    Get out of the friggin road or you are next…

  22. dungeon master

    now grab a hold of my handles and RIDE ME BABY

  23. Anonymous

    Where men are men and dogs are dogs

  24. dadro

    Jed is trying to set a new world record…..bunny hop over a dog and then jump 13 cars while ejaculating into a lamb. Truly Amazing!

  25. Cari

    Shazam was confused by the marketing of sheepskin seat covers.

  26. onebad427

    …..and Billy-Bob & Susie rode off into the sunset, never to return to Preston county, W.Va. again

  27. Anonymous

    Always look both ways before crossing the Outback.

  28. Anonymous

    Eye That Cycle, Myte!

  29. Kenn

    Winnemuca, Nevada. Where men are men and sheep are nervous!

  30. Anonymous

    Hmmm…never tried a mÈnage ‡ trois before…

  31. Jack Macdonald

    Duke! Just let me hit the dog once….just once, Duke!

  32. Brian

    “Hell, this is even better than the washing machine!”

  33. Henny

    Willing to kill himself for his unrequited love and in a moment of raging passion, Sparky the Dog threw himself out in front of Billy and his Fiance.

  34. Shocky

    25 million American dollar reward? Bah! Rumsfeld will never spot me in this disguise.

  35. winabean

    no you are

  36. anthony

    Hey, Australia just found another use for sheep… wool!

  37. Anonymous

    When he told me he was doing a ‘ewie’ on his trail bike, I naturally thought he was turning around!

  38. sally

    Ellie finally gets her revenge on the Border Collie who nips at her heels and Cletus gets a little something as payment for the motorbike lessons.

  39. phknuts

    Beastiality. Australian for Love.

  40. Justin

    Billy and his lover fled yet another possible arrest in the Southwest. Beastality is frowned upon, and the sheep had his heart……

  41. lilburro

    Bob couldn’t figure out why none of the studios would buy into his “Easy Rider” meets “Animal Farm” concept.

  42. induhvidual

    No worries mate – fair dinkum!

  43. Alf Fly

    “No Lassie, I really don’t want you to go and get anyone to help this time…”

  44. Kilroy

    If you can read this, the bitch is in front.

  45. Shannon

    All, right. Where’s the fire?

  46. The Beaver

    Zeb is on the lamb again. Will the law ever catch him?

  47. MalCog

    On a hot day in Wales, the locals gather for a party.

  48. Cybbis

    After robbing the neighbor’s sheep Joe couldn’t resist driving over the neigbor’s dog as well.

  49. Lex Mansky

    Out da way, Doggie, I got a frisky one what is drunk!

  50. Anonymous

    Wait your turn, Fido.

  51. kalfken

    who needs airbags anyway

  52. Major Adventure

    “Dinner and a date to go, must be my lucky day.”

  53. corym


  54. langinator

    The sheep’s the one driving, dumbass- he picked up the guy in the hat.

  55. Yoda Lives

    Jethro was so successful with his Velco Gloves, he executes his final testing phase of his Velco pants “the Road Test”..

  56. rick smith

    is that legal?

  57. Anonymous

    Born to be baaad

  58. Maxx


  59. ktownman

    And with a simple “I Do” the minister pronounced them man and “wife”. NOW THE HONEYMOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. stevie

    Honest, mate, I was just helpin’ her sit forward a bit…

  61. Drake

    As he had no son, Paul wanted Dolly to become the motorcrosser he had never been.

  62. Anonymous

    stuck again and no cold water for miles

  63. Frank Chibu

    Settle down, we’re almost there…

  64. Tel James Jensen

    Tel James Jensen of 24316 Ne 27th Pl
    Redmond, WA 98074-5436, has many problems that prevent him from being normal and not touching my camera. Send his family bombs from the end of time.

  65. Karl Marx

    Ever since the livestock got the driver’s licenses all they do is run over the domesticated species.

  66. Beaf

    I’m a baaaaaaad ass

  67. Cory

    The newlyweds couldn’t wait to get to thier room.

  68. Anonymous

    Mr. and Mrs. Bin Laden decided that this was the best way to flee from the United States Marines.

  69. Strawberry Shortcake

    Ralph cleverly disguises himself as a sheep and sneaks past Sam into the flock of sheep…Little does Ralph know he has made a grave mistake. Sam chuckles as Ralph and the sheep herder drive off into the sunset. Another victim of the Happy Herder.

  70. MISC

    Ride Share Thursday

  71. Anonymous

    New on ESPN 6: X-treme Sheep Sports.

  72. Stephen N.

    How the hell else are you going to teach a sheep to drive a motorcycle?

  73. aackman

    I thought for SURE that was the K-Y Jelly… who left that damn super glue lying around anyway?

  74. Anonymous


  75. Resisobilus

    …and later in the dream, Colonel Sanders crucifies Elvis. What does it MEAN, doctor?

  76. BillyJoeBob

    Dodge wouldn’t cut me a break on that new Dakota Sport…

  77. Kurt

    if wales is booked ocme to Australia were the sheep don’t know kilts

  78. ian


  79. Ed the Higg

    “‘Join the Cyclone Rangers,’ they said. ‘Feel the wind in your hair, travel the world and taste the adventure of the open road,’ they said. ‘Be like the Hell’s Angels but without the pricey Harleys,’ they said. But did they mention that I’d be transporting a bunch of frickin’ LIVESTOCK?!? NooOOOooo….”

  80. Jontar

    Feeling unfulfilled in his current relationship, Franco decided to pack up his belongings and leave . . .

  81. Jontar

    And you’ll never come back from Copper Head Roooaaaad!!!

  82. TESOM

    australia. where men are men and sheep are scared…

  83. adsfd


  84. anon

    Rider: “I sure hope that guy in the van next to me doesn’t think anything funny. Wouldn’t that be terrible if he had a camera?”

  85. Mem

    *bring your date home for new years eve .. time to get lucky for midnight*

  86. Audiodoode

    Tonight on A&E……….
    Ben Roethlisberger.
    The UNTOLD story.

  87. Audiodoode

    Only ewe can prevent prostate enlargement.

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