Wish List


We all have that certain something on our list of gifts we never got when we were kids – looks like this guy gets to scratch one off.

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71 Captions for “Wish List”

  1. aseaton

    the perpetual motion kept grandpa mortimer busy for hours.

  2. aseaton

    even simple minds have moments of glory.

  3. Alien-ant

    look a mule on a horse

  4. (pdw)

    Detectives at the Neverland raid tried to keep their spirits up.

  5. micber

    Come on over here grandma and take a ride on my pony.

  6. micber

    Viagra when taken as directed may cause confusion in patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. If you notice these symptoms consult a healthcare professional.

  7. s.chandler

    What kinda DORK rides a LLama?

  8. Jack

    Of course you can be the new Secretary of Defense

  9. manicuklawyer

    Although Chuck enjoyed his job as a catheter comfort tester, he never really quite got the point of the “Llama and large four legged animals test”

  10. stevejust

    Hidden inside the “Iraqing Llama” Hussein awaits the perfect moment to pounce on an unsuspecting cabinet member.

    Beware Iraqis bearing gifts.

  11. filkertom

    Man, I wish it’d been a sheep. Then we could just say “Ewe Rock” and be done with it. But nooooo….

  12. filkertom

    Alfie never understood why other kids’ pets grew old and died

  13. filkertom

    The newest WinAmp tchotchke

  14. Professor Kaos

    “CRACK-it’s not just for teenagers anymore!!”

  15. mousy

    Would you look at the ass on that horse!

  16. Purple Puff


  17. nimrod

    Bobby’s first taxidermy project,the Llama, was not a big success, but grampa came out much better.

  18. pottsy


  19. Gentaur

    It’s a chair… It rocks… So what’s the problem?

  20. Werid As A Bagel

    Bush, you call THIS a weapon of mass destruction? More like funstruction!

  21. Werid As A Bagel

    Um, what llama?

  22. Lawrence

    The President of the Hair club for men rolled out its new advertising campaign for its members targeting the elusive latino market with its new slogan, “I llama new head of hair”.

  23. aseaton

    Wally’s got a secret…..
    he’s gay.

  24. Bruno

    When his driver’s license was revoked after literally driving thru McDonalds,ever resourceful Gramps found alternate means of transportation. (Yippee Yi Yo! Look at me! I’m a cowboy!)

  25. Jill

    Taking animal abuse to a whole new level.

  26. meg & ange

    Hi Ho Silver! Away!

  27. KD

    It’s not a very fast car, but the price was right.

  28. EvilBalrog

    Grandpa loved his llama…
    That is, until the fateful day when he had to take him “out back”…

  29. jsmoove

    We knew with grandpas Alzheimer’s he could no longer safely ride the Harley. Luckily his case was quite advanced

  30. JESUS

    Due to increasing competition, the makers of Viagra have come up with a new marketing strategy.

  31. Larry Reese

    They don’t call him Tony Llama for nothing…

  32. Cadmium

    Grandpa is so old, he’s entered his second childhood.

  33. Mark Beular

    After ripping the shag carpeting out of his den he nailed it to his new rocking horse

  34. dtj

    Management by Fun

  35. Obnoxious Infomercial

    With the new Rascal Electric Scooter, they’ll never know you had walking disabilities. They’ll just think you’re out having fun!

  36. ceedee

    Will Rogers Reject!

  37. palacio montenegro

    Ed Begley’s father’s audition for Empire Strikes Back: “Your ton-ton will freeze before you reach the first marker!”

  38. krymelink

    My dick get’n hard from riding this furry thing right herr…It ain no real pusse,but look at me,I pretty much ran out of chances…

  39. E_the_E

    Llama Grampa Ding Dong

  40. Ben

    Dismount from me at once, you feeble decrepit pervert!

  41. Bad Dream

    If you think this looks like fun, you should see the inflatable sheep.

  42. ttsquared

    Hire Jaime y Fernando, Ventriloquists for your next party, wedding or business meeting. Call (345)123-654 for information.

  43. Owen Lucas

    Yeah, but the rich can afford to be eccentric.

  44. dfs


  45. Dominic

    At least the shag hides my erection.

  46. bre

    talk to your parents about drugs.

  47. bre

    talk to your parents about drugs.

  48. bre

    snickers. another side effect of hunger.

  49. valeria

    if you don’t have a car buy the new model of Llama!

  50. heather

    His real horse ran away

  51. Love ya Often *Kiss*

    Not-So-Fat Seanny…um Im sorry I dont get it..enlighten me por favor.

  52. Fire Frog

    What you can’t tell, kids, is that grandad’s rocking llama has a saddle horn in a very unusual place – hence his grin…

  53. turdknocker

    Honey, when I said “How ’bout a horsie ride”, this is not what I had in mind. After I get off this damn thing, take it back, give me my Viagra and take MY horse for a ride.

  54. Sam Herman

    This is Bob. Bob is doing well. Very well indeed. After Bob started using Enzyte, he’s always had a happy Ms. at home.

  55. grizzlychicken

    The Jolly llama.

  56. FunkyNinjaMan

    Vvvroooommmmm!!! Vrrrrooooommm!!!

  57. Babs

    How can you be happy when your Llama’s hair is nappy?

  58. russel

    hes riding her like sea biscuit

  59. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  60. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

  61. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  62. Tramadol

    Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake when you make it again.

  63. dana

    theres nothing like a man and his lama…………………..

  64. Leslie

    “He spits…I drool…salivas alone.”

  65. Leslie

    Pop Rocks

  66. Coldphoenix

    The reason why Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove” was made as a cartoon.

  67. shiva

    my life at 80’s still ROCKING!!!

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