Wonder Woman and her Super Dorks


Does anyone think we are going to look as lame as these folks do a couple decades from now? I don’t know if that is possible, but then again the current generation has some timeless icons like Tom Green, and Johnny Knoxville from Jackass.

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108 Captions for “Wonder Woman and her Super Dorks”

  1. Newt

    Linda Carter fired her agent the next day

  2. Newt

    At the end of Wonder Woman’s career, money was tight and the Bank ended up repo-ing her invisible airplane. Dang, only one payment left.

  3. Newt

    If we add one more sidekick maybe rating will go up.

  4. Runfaster

    Left alone by the Justice League, Wonder Woman decided it be best to start a team of her own. Meetings were held on Wednesday afternoons in the TCBY parking lot. (Pictured left to right: Cyclops, Benji, Linda, Star, and Eric Estrada.)

  5. Anonymous

    RollerBall – take 1.

  6. corym


  7. jcisuzu

    that little girl is totally grabbing Wonder Woman’s A$$

  8. bella

    this looks like a promo shot for the very first Special Olympics….

  9. dan

    an adjustment to a previous caption:

    it looks like the very first special x-games

  10. Rachel

    After all that costume planning, all that time, Wonder Woman was utterly surprised when people STILL didn’t check out her cleavage.

  11. minders

    Wonder Woman and her new sidekicks, the retarded kids. Hey, get your hand off my ass!!

  12. saucy

    Due to affirmative action and racial quotas, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids got the job…

  13. shawster

    Since the studios were so close, the cast from CHiPs, wonder woman, eight is enough, and the Brady bunch would get together at lunch and grind

  14. guava

    After capturing the nubile Tony Hawk with her golden lasso, Wonder Woman planned to spawn a master race of skating superheroes.
    Sadly, she learned instead the faulty premise of eugenics when all her offspring developed into weak-kneed specimens with shapely thighs who could not master the kickflip.

  15. Lumas

    Saturday on a very special episode of “Super Friends”, Wonder Woman teaches the gang about the dangers of male perms.

  16. Mo

    Meanwhile back at the Justice League, Aquaman, Superman, and Green Lantern were trying to move her invisible plan because she thoughtlessly blocked in Batman.

  17. Anonymous

    man, im so stoned, i have no idea whats going on

  18. Ashley

    And later tonight, we’ll learn what goes horribly wrong when males get perms. Caution: You may go blind after watching this FASCINATING documentary of WonderWoman and her oldest sidekicks, with perms, I might add.

  19. Cecilia =)

    time to show US power in olympic games..

  20. Anonymous

    From left to right, here’s what they’re all thinking….

    1) GOD, I wish they’d hurry this up.
    2) GOD, I hope I get laid tonight by this hot chick next too me.
    3) My name is Inga and I come from Sweden (heard “Sveden”),
    4) Hmm…both are round and both are firm. I guess I’ll just pinch them both!
    5) I know I look like Peter Brady, but maybe I’ll get lucky anyway.

  21. Jimmy Flowers

    The latest plan to tackle the enemy — TV Terrorism! We’ll air drop VCRs and tapes of TV shows, including Welcome Back Carter, Barney Miller, Wonder Woman, The Brady Bunch and anything that features an Osmond. If that doesn’t inspire change (much like this picture), than nothing will!

  22. vikram

    The world knew it was in trouble when Justice League (B string) decided to save the world.

  23. posterchildofdestruction

    when hitchikers are robbed at gunpoint by a man with a very oddly shaped head

  24. Anonymous

    gosh guys you get to have all the fun

  25. George

    I am worried that how I will deal with this tall girl.

  26. Jim Bob

    All your horseshack are belong to us.

  27. KM BU

    Wonder Woman and the Super-Nerds

  28. Maxx

    Ahh… the confuse early days of porn.

  29. indy jones


  30. Fat Seanny

    The Nothern Phoenix Home For Special People is a place where people can be themselves among others that face similar challenges in a safe environment with round-the-clock supervision.

  31. Dena

    Tonight on a very special edition of Wonder Woman, the superest of super-heroes explains the perils of being a human bowling ball…

  32. sarah

    Remember, kids, if Mom and Dad ever say your taste sucks, remind them that they once enjoyed stuff like this.

  33. Anonymous


  34. Anonymous

    The pre-Microsoft team formed by Bill Gates. (Bill was taking the picture.)

  35. Lou

    “Justice league to WonderWoman: We said dispose of them, not pose for them!”

  36. nathaniel vincent

    hopefully my afro hides the fact my neck is bigger than my head

  37. Anonymous

    There used to be 27 letter in the english alphabet; they put the letter ‘h’ in there twice.

  38. Furry

    The new spring line at “Hobos R Us”

  39. 9Nails

    Tony, Steve, Carrie, Cindy, and Mike try on the new clothing line designed to block attraction by the opposite sex.

  40. julia

    Hey, I just bought those shorts at Goodwill.

  41. smelly

    You know…you smell like 10 day old rotten cheese.

  42. Jowy

    Spice Girls, before they were “stars”.

  43. Anonymous

    Yeah sure, I’d get these knee pads dirty for the right guy

  44. Erica

    I’m so happy I got to use my ‘short bus’ helmet again…I hate to waste good fashion accessories.

  45. Quique

    The land of the free and the home of the REALLY brave. And, REALLY retro.

  46. fisher

    Created by Charles Moulton Marston in the late 1930s, Wonder Woman’s popularity had “sagged” quite a bit by ’77.

  47. Jason

    Mullet, mullet, who’s got the mullet?

  48. AmbientBleue18

    Sensing her career was in serious danger, Wonder Woman enlisted the help of the former child-actor who’d played Peter Brady; unfortunately, most of his sex appeal was lost during his years of being treated for alcoholism at the Betty Ford Center

  49. Micah

    Crossovers never deemed worthy:

    Wonder Woman meets Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter and Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch. Ahh, the other two are just dead weight……drop ’em….

  50. rj the magnificent camel

    “among us, we’ve been laid…twice, now?”

  51. Justin

    The cast of Fox’s new show… “That Superhero Show”

  52. Slow Burn

    A George Bush daughter stays sober long enough to get her knee-pads on.

  53. Lay-Z


  54. Marie

    The C-Team

  55. Jordan Woll

    Is that Screech on the left?!

  56. putzmiester

    isnt that guy on the left a kid in the hall?

  57. Reed

    I never knew skateboarding could be so cool!

  58. Paddy

    The genetic programme was stopped and the specimens quickly destroyed after the Pentagon report showed that 8 out of 10 human beings had a life

  59. Adam

    someone farted.. but who could it have been? everyone was smiling…

  60. Loonquawl

    Although the Symbionese Liberation Army managed to kidnap Patti Hearst, they unfortunately could not stop the spread of Roller Disco.

  61. Adam Rice

    “Doug Cramer is crazy if he thinks I’m actually going to ride one of these things in these boots.”

  62. plankton

    Thank you. Now I remember why I hated Disco all those years ago.

  63. d.

    not current.

  64. Anonymous

    Hello, my name is Lynda, and I’m an alcoholic.

  65. diego

    Look its Tony, and superwoman,it 1982.

  66. Jan

    Why the American Dream is dead

  67. oggie

    Let’s just drop them in Aghanistan, and don’t forget to get the parents of that little bitch! They shoud be punished for making 1m20 of creepiness!

  68. dadro

    This is a photo of a secret experiment done by the pentagon in the 70’s Code Named: RollerDeathSqaudron44alpha. It was considered a failure.

  69. Hecata

    Damn redneck’s will marry anybody!

  70. magpie steve

    easy now…aight, fe real!

  71. Bloodthirster

    Dorks: Gee, never seen a girl before. Do you like to rub your dick too?

  72. Bloodthirster

    The guy in the red: I’m a 30 year old guy with a skateboard and hair that won’t fit in my helmet and I’m proud of it damned!

  73. Bloodthirster

    Guy in blue: When I grow up I’m going to be a wonderwoman too.

  74. Bloodthirster

    Guy in black: What’s all the fuss about anyway, my breasts are way bigger.

  75. Bloodthirster

    The blonde dressed in red: I know how you feel guys, I used to be a hairy wanker too. Thank god for plastic surgery, now I make a living giving blow-jobs to the elderly.

  76. *.*

    Wonderwoman smiles bravely after being smacked in the face by a skatboard

  77. Benjamin

    THe guy on the left shouldn’t have gone skating after spending three days in solid ice!

  78. h16

    oh my shit,(siad the bimboscheel lady in the middle), do you all know this photo is gonna be put on the internet and everybody is going to laugh at us?

  79. -x-

    Everyone has kneepads except the blonde… Either everyone is going down on her, or she just a stupid blonde

  80. Anonymous

    I’ve wore through 3 harnesses you know. I like my helmet.

  81. chris

    Shows the WB tried before Buffy number 175

  82. chris

    not even wonder woman could save them from that hair

  83. AliasMoze

    The next day, Herb Steinberg, Linda Carter’s agent of twenty years, was fired.

  84. Frank

    Who farted ?

  85. Frank

    Who farted ?

  86. Pew

    OK – I’ll do the Y, Peter, you do the M, Horshack, you flash the C, and Cindy, you’re on the A – Reeeeeeeady Break

  87. Anonymous

    Worst Tony Hawk sequel ever.

  88. Anonymous

    …and your parents thought they were too hip for the roller disco

  89. Nerve Wrack X

    The man on the left went on to be, loved fitness guru, Richard Simmons. The man on the right later became the loveable “Ponch” in the hit series “Chips”. The other two moved on up as White House interns.

  90. Anonymous

    She still hasn’t given me my outfit back yet

  91. belloq75

    After her head injury, Wonder Woman made all new friends at the “special school.”

  92. Anonymous

    Brushes with celebrity it would be best to keep secret.

  93. Belle_Morte

    Girl in red: “Shit! My hand’s being sucked into the abyss of Linda Carter’s ass!!!

  94. alan seaton

    Iowa City community college reunion of 78′

  95. Anonymous

    the partridge family later regretted making it with the brady bunch.

  96. Phaeton

    Wonder Woman did not get the memo that it was a costume party.

  97. Lawrence

    Wonderwoman poses for paparazza while nerd off camera has her in his powers with her magic lasso.

    Ok…..so I suck.

  98. Rentalbean

    After the series was cancelled back in 78, Linda Carter went on to make Pornos. Seen here in “Wonder Slut 2 – Lasso’d Kids in Heat”

  99. one_liner

    where are the dorks???

  100. Ele

    God, and they say the 1960s had clean TV shows.

  101. dustin cobwebs

    the 80s…. natures embarrasment

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