yes the kittens again


It was uploaded about a dozen times. If you are sick of this meme, too bad, I aim to please the masses.

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123 Captions for “yes the kittens again”

  1. Anonymous

    Every time kitties masturbate, God kills a turd. Think of the turds.

  2. Steve 1

    Beam me up, cap’n. I canna take it any more! It’s those damn kittens again!

  3. Kilroy

    Hey guys; more kittens to kill over here. And hurry! Their ganging up on me!

  4. Mj

    “Take us to your leader!”

  5. (pdw)

    The new show by heavy metal singer Piece of Shit featured a kitten ballet.

  6. Lay-Z

    The kittens have thier revenge

  7. Big M

    Hey you Guys! There’s a couple of young willing pussies back here! It’s gang bang time!

  8. MalCog

    Kittens love Weetabix

  9. harryk

    coal fired kangaroo kittens stalk poor selling mutant beany baby named “brown brillo”

  10. Anonymous

    I have two pussies incomming, Where is my wingman!

  11. Moscow

    You should be ashamed, getting eaten by 2 little pussies…

  12. dadro

    The kittens watched in awe as their feces re-animated itself and told of its horrific adventures through their anus.

  13. b

    in this new campain turd tries to convince gays pussy is better than anal

  14. bANAAL

    in this new campain ‘anal-man’ tries to convince gay’s pussy is better than the backdoor

  15. raymond


  16. jason

    Every Time you Think Leudly About a Mom God Kills One Of Those Brown Fuzzy Twinkies That Were Chasing That Kitty. Think of the Brown Fuzzy Twinkies.

  17. lilburro

    Dude, first I saw flying kittens, and then the pound cake started talking.

  18. lilburro

    The sad fate of Mr Hankey’s brother, Karl.

  19. Cybbis

    The Brown Monster was a bit allergic to kittens and almost sneezed his brains off.

  20. cyen

    Hey Joe, We better feed these things, they’re lookin at me awfully funny…

  21. Shocky

    The guards spring into action to capture a litterbox escapee.

  22. Sickmen

    Quick somebody masterbate!

  23. Brian

    The kittens were infuriated that it wasn’t the real Sponge Bob Square Pants.

  24. Anonymous

    See what happens when you don’t masturbate enough?

  25. Anonymous

    “No, it’s worse than that… these kittens have got handles!”

  26. Patrick

    First of all, to understand what happened to Domo, you gotta understand who the Domo-Kun WAS. Now Domo was born to a one-legged whore of a mother, and he was always ashamed of this, man. And then right after that, he’s adopted by this man, Tito Liebowitz. He’s a small-time gunrunner and, uh, Domo-Kun fight promoter. . .

  27. Anonymous

    Henry couldn’t get the kittens out of his head.

  28. xan

    I am Potatoe Man!!!!

  29. The Beaver

    Freddy the Fudgebrownie about ready to meet his doom!!

  30. carina

    kitten’s revenge on the masturbation monsters



  32. juz

    Hmmm… I thought we got all the kittins… Oh well, back to the internet porn.

  33. Major Adventure

    TRY NEW LITTERMAN: it will scare the crap out of your cats!

  34. Anonymous


  35. Justin

    Quickly, a counter attack. We must not let it get us with out a fight. CHARGE!!!!!

  36. Tezza

    Moblie Litterbox only $9.95AUS free kitten with every purchase (if kitten is dead please return to sender)

  37. Soup

    LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR WAAAHHHH *brownieman slamdances*

  38. Sparkie

    Help control the pet population, have your pet spade or neutered today.

  39. Babylon

    Damn You Kittens! Damn you to hell!

  40. Jasons Bunyons

    They Sprang into Action before the “Kitty Box Evangelist” could cause anymore chaos within the rest of the group.

  41. Anonymous

    Everytime I fall out of somethings ass, I see kittens

  42. Maxx

    See, I knew cats ate there own crap!

  43. tortured soul

    The new activity at the kitten union, Brownie Ball.

  44. kt

    Hey, wanna c something freaky, those cats r chasing a walking poo!

  45. Chris Kinsman

    Chewbacca and the Ewoks go after the
    Empire to avenge Han Solo’s death.

  46. Drake

    Flint the Mouse realises his camouflage as Chicken Nut is worthless.

  47. Maxx

    Every time you poop, god masturbates.

  48. Nathan

    “They may take our shit, but they will never take our FREEDOM!” – Lesser known Scottish hero William Fecal, standing up against the English pussies.

  49. Karl Marx

    Nature is a harsh mistress….especially to the little brown things of the jungles of South America

  50. ta

    Every time you poo, you kill two kitties!

  51. Anonymous

    Important… New Medical discoveries prove everytime you masterbate God kills a kitten. Please think of the kittens!

  52. emale


  53. The_Tenchinator

    every time you read this, god kills a domo-kun. Plz, think of the domo-kuns.

  54. gram

    The Aliens are here!

  55. Hubert

    no really the cats did finsh the brownies honey

  56. det

    Somebody sure delivered the Meow Mix this time.

  57. Adam

    dammit elly! how many times have i told you to stop making the damned killer brownies! i always step on ’em at night anyways and they get stuck between ma toes..

  58. Sultan of Doom

    “Well, look at that, Franky…
    A piece of shit, taking a shit.”

  59. Sultan of Doom2

    Pokemon Episode 666: Shitman prepares his ejection attack to counter Meowth.

  60. Sultan of Doom2

    Why black men should never travel alone.

  61. Sultan of Doom3

    Shaft! He’s black, he’s schlick, and he’s popular with the pussies.

  62. Sultan of Doom3

    Did you know, I contain the same chemicals that are in cigarettes.
    Do yourself a favor…don’t smoke shit.

  63. Charby

    Hey Tabby, here’s one thats not on a marble floor!

  64. uber krueger

    Ladies, get out your dildos and please your pussies, otherwise the kittens will be shot.

    I hate you all, and I hope you die.

  65. uber krueger

    I just want to cuddle with the kittens. Damn you Dumbo-Kunt, stop being mean to the kittens 🙁

  66. Chirpy

    “Born to Hand Jive Baby” Jump Girls Jump

  67. Anonymous

    Every time you post that pic,this is what happens.

  68. cri.sys

    Fecalsaur! I choose you!

  69. sedna7b

    Man, if God kills a kitten everytime I masturbate…then there’s a shitload of dead ones in my name

  70. Todd

    Iíve heard of potatoes growing eyes, but this is ridiculous…

  71. street_phreak

    finally, the little cats have had
    enough of the anti-masturbation-kitten

  72. Sawyer

    “Nice to see Arsenio getting work again”

  73. Anonymous

    Remember the ALAMMO!!!!

  74. Anonymous


  75. Twisted

    What they don’t tell you is, when GOD masturbates…

  76. Chris

    Kittens really like Brownies

  77. SKeeterPeeter

    A bunch of pussies talking shit!

  78. P

    everytime you masturnate kittens kill god

  79. JBob

    Revenge of the kitties!

  80. phoenix

    the kittens shall pay for their crimes

  81. Richard Harris

    Every time God masturbates a kitten is born *(hotdamn he’s busy)* so when he made us in his image he felt guilty for our masturbating and kills kittens to cover up the scandal…

  82. Anonymous

    HE HE HE HE He I will conquor the world using my evil kittins!

  83. The fat man

    Nature guy: “an then the enraged kittns pounce on their prey, the wheet bix….

  84. LiquidSmile

    Everytime you Masturbate Kittens Kill a Domo-kun! (The Brown Puppet)

  85. PixelGod

    Michael Jackson’s makeup removal sponge recently resuscitated. Still reports hallucinations.

  86. Tim

    Just like on those nature shows when the wolves surround a dear: “Sadly now there can be but one outcome.”

  87. JungLust

    Everytime you send me that picture, God Kills a Domo-Kun…

    Please think of the Domu-Kuns

  88. cantrell

    In this caption, turd man(Domo-Kun)tries to convince both gays and straights to stay out of the ass!

  89. Sultan of Doom

    Everytime you masturbate, Allah kills 2 kittens.

  90. terable13

    Domo-kun, horrified by looking into the faces of his dirty work, vowes to never masterbate agian.

  91. terable13

    The raining of kittens. The final plaque. DEAR GOD…WHAT HAVE WE DONE!!!

  92. Reut

    Cyborg kitties national guard in action!

  93. shroom

    ready the baby oil! GO GO GO!

  94. Ritz

    Smile, baby. I love you.

  95. Ritz

    Smile, baby. I love you.

  96. bashie

    See what happens when you give up masturbation?

  97. Capcom Freedom

    What is the damn brown thing???

  98. Subliminal

    New Goverment law !

  99. deleted


  100. vitao

    achei a sua cara!

  101. vitao


  102. Frank

    Everytime you masterbate….God kills a kitten

  103. Hannah

    D’oh..I forgot to masterbate.

  104. Adam

    Can you hear me now? GOOD!

  105. william eudave

    hey look at this penny HOLY SHIT

  106. one_liner

    hey Fred it stop now are chance,GET HIM!!!!!

  107. Banna Soap

    When you masterbate god kills a kitten……..Well they must have named a morge after me.

  108. ronson

    Everytime you masterbate God kills a kitten. Please think of the kittens!

  109. ScaryGothGurl

    But what if the kittens masterbate? what happends than?!

  110. Ashton

    the turd looks warm and fuzzy i want to pet it and hold it and lick it….OMG i’m getting horny, SOMEBODY STOP ME, OR I FEAR ONE MORE KITTEN WILL HAVE TO DIE!!

  111. im funnier up close and personal

    alright kids start pleasuring urselves i need some extra time to run on account of short legs!!!

  112. Poe

    as long as my kitty is not in jeperdy, than i’m gonna masterbate all i freaken what too!! who wants to join me!?!?!

  113. demon

    we want to b with u!!!come back!!!we’re two squishy brown thing hungry pussies!!!

  114. PUaHaH

    Everytime you masterbate, god kills a kitten.

    Please, think of the kittens.

  115. sammi

    please stop masterbating think of the kittens

  116. Justin Cockrell

    Everytime Bjork Masturbates, Kittens Kill a Domo-Kun

  117. guttersnipe

    Every time you fuck a Domo-Kun, God Kills a kitten

  118. tracy

    “Every time you kill a kitten God masturbates”

  119. Tyler-man

    Moments before being eaten. . . a confused mole wonders where he is.

  120. Robert


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