You dont wanna know


…what’s wrong with this guy?

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51 Captions for “You dont wanna know”

  1. Par4n0id

    The viagra is working fine !

  2. spat

    Alien 8
    there’s a dick living in my beerbelly.

  3. Nugget Rancher

    Adam Sandler’s look-alike gives Sandler the high sign after succesfully sneaking the Oscar statue out of Robert DeNiro’s house.

  4. Oswald

    I’m telling you, it’s evening wood! yes, it’s real!

  5. Oswald

    It’s just my pants folding, really!

  6. Anonymous

    “Hey, Ma! Look, no hands!”

  7. Anonymous

    Well, we have to get married, but we’re in love.

  8. Anonymous

    For fresh results, apply affected area twice daily or when moist. If bothersome dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to every other day.

  9. rivercardz

    Dude! Think this will fool the guys at the Gay Man Quarterly Amateur Centerfold Contest?!

  10. Les

    One satisfied viewer of Anna Nichole Smith’s new show

  11. D'oh

    Yet another foiled robbery attempt when the suspect had difficulty with his gun.

  12. Dugdug Dugdugie

    “Look! I’ve eaten spaghetti and I’ve kept my shirt clean!”

  13. AnMSux

    Bob the Texas A&M Aggie proudly displays his Gig’Em sign after proving the Viagra does indeed work.

  14. ps2maddenman

    Melvin shows off the new “WonderJock” that he bought from Victor’s Secret.

  15. Pokejedservo

    This is George Clooney after getting drunk “Yeah sure I’ll star in “Batman & Robin” what could hurt?”

  16. Oswald

    I have an erection

  17. nurg

    Aww, look, it’s kicking!

  18. GreyDuck

    “I’ve got an Alien clawing its way out of my stomach and I’ve never felt better!”

  19. Cousin Eddie


  20. Anonymous

    You know that rat that I borrowed from Richard Gere?, well, its on its way back down the ole colon.

  21. Gary Coleman

    “My gold necklace makes me look cool no matter how gay I am!”

  22. Gary Coleman

    Reject # 173 for the “dude, your gettin a dell” spokesman

  23. Kymbo limbo

    Wilbur tried hard to convince himself that his new colostomy bag WAS un-noticeable,but did concede it may have been risky shopping on the net auction site “Bag me one up Scotty”…especially
    in the “slightly used section”.

  24. Anonymous

    Yeah man, so what if I’m the forklift guy.
    One cone don’t effec’ my judgement.

  25. paperycow

    the secret photo of the winner of american idol

  26. Anonymous

    One of the many people on the earth not worthy of being called a member of the human race.

  27. Ogre

    Im a chick Magnet!

  28. Skeletor

    I’m a human compass.

  29. Anonymous

    “Hey, look, my thumb is as big as my penis in erection!”

  30. alan seaton

    The boy scout van never came to pick up 25 year old Jimmy,lending creedence to the possibility that he’s either too old for the scouts,a loser, or both.

  31. oh yeah

    i give it a 10!!

  32. jwd

    Roger Ebert: The college years

  33. Anonymous

    A very unsuccessful hitchhiker.

  34. Anonymous

    my names forest, forest gump

  35. yarivon

    Viagra… it realy works!!!

  36. Hannah

    “Please, please, no,” he begged. “You must do this!” the relentless camera people told him. “All right,” he said, and he did what they asked him to. “Now you must shoot me. I am no longer worthy to live on this planet.”

  37. Brian

    im just happy to see HAPPY to see you honest

  38. paratrooper

    Rob realized he was different from the other boys upon discovering he was the only human who’s penis protruded from his belly button

  39. Anonymous

    thats the thinest one i’ve ever seen!

  40. Brian

    Haha, he has a small dick!

  41. benjamsandwich

    its not my finger honest!!!

  42. benjamsandwich


  43. Mark Smith

    Maybe if i act like this is my dick a girl might acctually talk to me

  44. Atrocity

    Army Recruit poster.

  45. Chris H

    I’m not only the president I’m also a member!

  46. George Bush

    Cheerleader George Bush’s college lover

  47. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  48. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

  49. Tramadol

    Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake when you make it again.

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