Your job sucks?


This one has been real popular lately. It may make you appreciate your job a little more, well a little.

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102 Captions for “Your job sucks?”

  1. monkey bunyons

    Elizabeth works all night to satisfy her quota at the NAACP Baby Factory Headquartered in South Africa

  2. John

    how much does that pay, per hour?

  3. Fenris

    “…….what the hell am i doing??”

  4. Dog Shingles

    See, even elephants shit on women

  5. Locochristopher

    Now that’s a blown out O-Ring!

  6. steve just

    What looks like an elephant shitting in a bag… is actually an elephant shitting in a bag. (sorry)

  7. teej

    Drug lords in Columbia have found a new way to transport heroin to the U.S.

  8. POW2k2

    Ever since drug smugglers have become more inventive in their techniques, border patrol has had to check everyone.

  9. Anonymous

    “Quickly! Get ’em to the Big Mac factory before they get cold!”

  10. dE

    Evil tricks for blind trick or treaters

  11. onebad427

    oh man, it’s going to be soooo funny when I put this on old man Wilson’s porch & light it !!!!!

  12. onebad427

    and who says you can’t get a decent job without passing a drug test, ha!

  13. jendemonium

    Well I guess it beats working at The Gap…

  14. The Beaver

    It could be worse….The elephant could have diarrhea!!!

  15. Moscow

    …and the career of Pamela just went down and down and…

  16. Anonymous

    Do you smell something?

  17. Ninja

    Circus basketball.

  18. Veshka

    Man, the poop-and-scoop laws in this town are strict!

  19. tatroyer

    Police Blotter:

    The missing California Raisins found at the circus. The ranking officer at the scene said: “They didn’t have a chance.”

  20. (pdw)

    Man in the background says: stand back! Usually he farts after every seventh turd…

  21. tom

    The Albanian Circus Heptathlon differed slightly from what Jill was used to. Still, she thought, when in Rome…

  22. Anonymous

    Matilda tensed up as the her bowel movements slowed down, knowing that the dreaded enema was next.

  23. maria


  24. (pdw)

    This is easy. You should see my co-worker, she’s on piss duty today.

  25. Babylon

    I wonder what size shrooms i can get off of these babies!

  26. ][V][achine`][`hreat

    Not everyone can be cut out for a life of crime fighting

  27. Maxx

    Gotta miss those Bread-line days of the great Depression…

  28. Lex Mansky

    But the job looks good on the resume.

  29. Lex Mansky

    Good experience for someone looking to work in politics

  30. harry k

    uh, what do I do when the basket is full…uh, its getting full…uh, does anyone know what to do…shit…

  31. harry k

    Okay, so let me get this straight. You were kidding me when you said “any shit sells on Ebay”…

  32. Lex Mansky

    Why did I have to leave that job smelling armpits?

  33. Daelic

    Ok! Who ordered the large bag of caramel popcorn?

  34. woops

    “see, you put in one taliban and he gives you change…”

  35. Major Adventure

    Behind the scenes production still for an unused shot in “The Flinstones” movie featuring a “vending machine”.

  36. Warren Fwy

    Smell. Wha? Smell!
    Smells like McNuggets.
    Taste. Wha? TASTE!
    Tastes like McNuggets.
    Sure glad we didn’t step in it!

  37. amp

    jesus, i’m never gonna do anal anymore

  38. Travis

    who ordered the poopoo plater

  39. Lex Mansky

    In an almost scary example of Kharma and poetic justice, Betsy here had just dumped her fiance the night before.

  40. RÙmulo Xavier

    somebody bring me a cap, fast!

  41. Bare-b

    Jumbo Prairie Apples

  42. honeybeep

    more proof the Heimlich maneuver really works…even on elephants!

  43. rodney

    elle may finally found herself a steady job where the food benefits were almost as good as the pay.

  44. o2bjang

    So this is what the Judge meant by community service

  45. Drake

    The production of vegetarian burgers.

  46. Anonymous

    Talk about your high-precision jobs… every fraction of an inch is crucial.

  47. Horace

    Stacey gets a job at the burrito factory.

  48. drag0nfire

    what the F***?!?! Are you SURE she’s just takin samples?… that’s a DAMN big sample there…

  49. Shanfield Ezard Faltenbach

    Voting Republican will finally get you the appropriate job. Just have patience.

  50. newton

    The crappiest job in the world

  51. Lisa

    so THIS was the zoo internship i signed up for?!

  52. Mary Elizabeth Fatima O'Hanlon

    A good fast shutter speed will stop the action even when shit happens. Oh, I really shouldn’t write anything that nasty, but the devil made me do it.

  53. Jimmy Flowers

    “Okay. Get the kids ready. It’s time for bob for turds!”

  54. spat

    Biological farming takes some nerve.

  55. Shadwick Q. Eskiborneter III

    Magician with new wand levitates elephant dung from a bag and claims she has rediscovered trick that preceded snake charming and rope tricks.

  56. Doug

    Allright bitch, its my turn to hold the bag, quit being selfish, SHARE!!

  57. Beaf

    Now comes in 4 different flavors !!

  58. read my captions only

    “i win at pillow fights.”

  59. kalea

    ahhhhhhhh….dat feels soo good!

  60. Timmy

    Where african americans REALLY come from.

  61. dungeon master

    and this weeks bonus ball is………23!

  62. Anonymous

    1 arm in the pink, 2 doogies in the stink

  63. Cory

    The famine was starting to take it’s toll.

  64. Adam

    yet another way to get shit on..

  65. Gilbert

    She finally aims it straight in the bag…after two years of training

  66. 12345

    I will eat this for $5 Bucks….any takers?

  67. mark

    peanuts here! get your hot roasted peanuts here!

  68. Anonymous

    Reality TV stoops yet another notch. Coming this fall only on Fox: Petting Zoo: Behind the Scenes

  69. Ten

    Would you like to give a donation to the Society for Better… jerk.

  70. Anonymous

    WILD ON: poo.

  71. Stephen N.

    Community service in Africa.

  72. Your Mom

    Woman withdrawing from her Enron Retirement Account

  73. JBob

    Republican party fundraiser.

  74. Abby

    This ought to be enough for dinner…

  75. SsollosS

    Quick! The flood is coming and we don’t have any sand! Hand me another bag!

  76. miki

    well what ever turns you on ……

  77. Dave

    “Can’t get enough of that cookie crisp!”

  78. Resisobilus

    Phil: Tonight on The Amazing Race
    Tara: Hey, I was married to Wil, I can handle this.

  79. Les

    Ok, I’ll help this time but you have to wipe yourself!

  80. Alan Seaton

    Following the plane crash of the popular television stars “The California Raisins”, public relations executive Merianne Jones supervises the birth of their soon-to-be replacements.

  81. m1zz

    that guy that said “jesus, i’m never gonna do anal anymore” is pretty funny

  82. aimitatme

    I hope it passes my tongue ring back up from last week when I came to visit…..oops to much infromation!!

  83. chris

    Mom!!! Mom!!! I’ve got dinner!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. MeeMah

    Is this another blonde joke?

  85. DJ Overlap


  86. Da

    Hey…. I need a larger bag and a buket he is going to pee.

  87. oprah 2

    and you thought your job sucked!

  88. fddf

    Hurry up, Jumbo…after this I’ve got a Tasmanian devil to circumcize and then I’m gonna do a prostate exam on a lion.

  89. George

    …and away she’ll slip on the elephant shit while Bella and Bertha still stay in step…George, George, George of the Jungle.

  90. adam

    i need some t.p. for my bunghole

  91. Swift Boat Veterans for Lies

    I’m George Bush and I approved this message.

  92. dustin cobwebs

    give generously to charity

  93. ZZ

    Blue 19! Blue 19! Hut Hut. HUT!

  94. Marclar

    It still beats cleaning out George Bush’s bathroom.

  95. myjobsucks

    hmm, so this this is where it came from

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