Zoom Zoom

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52 Captions for “Zoom Zoom”

  1. theMike

    Very good fun, yes, but every time I try to bow to the East I run over three of my muslim brothren.

  2. Alex Kaseberg

    Somehow the new “Mullahs On Wheels” program never really took off.

  3. Tommey Vercetti

    The Arab nations are still trying to break their dependence on useless foreign crap.

  4. Darin Madden

    The Royal Shiite Mounted Police, didn’t quite have the same pizazz as the Candians…

  5. Simon

    I do not to be understanding where am I to be putting the explosives?

  6. Kirk

    Ossama is too fast to be caught.

  7. s.chandler

    “I know I’m quite a hottie! Now I zip tru McIndja’s take out window to get McCurryied Rice.Very good!

  8. trinawoods

    Only one more kilometer to the Great Pyramid of Geezer.

  9. trinawoods

    Santa will be spending his summer abroad.

  10. Day Drum Four

    Bush doesn’t want them to have cars either?

  11. dogma

    Want to drag, Mohammed?!

  12. s.chandler

    Isn’t this the perfect segway to capture a bowl of hot steaming goat eyeballs in honey?

  13. FRBC

    Segway! The newest technolegy in suicide bombing!

  14. Dr.R

    Saudi-Jousting on ESPN 5, you better watch because it might just happen.

  15. Mascot

    Where are they now? Johnny Five is still alive 30 years later

  16. Amy

    The new Dolce sled….Santa’s livin large!

  17. Chris

    The US Forces in Iraq have a new threat……the Segway Suicide Bomber lululululululu JIHAD!!!!

  18. trinawoods

    I don’t know about this guy, but I’d be running away from the pregnant prostitute in the purple dress too.

  19. neadfiles

    Hey! Is that a Segway handlebar or is this guy happy to see me?

  20. trinawoods

    Fahtman Bin Rollin

  21. David

    “Lets Spoon!”

  22. Xeres

    The tagline was to be “idiot not included” but as always this man was gunned down a few minutes afterward like everyone else in the middle east.

  23. Gentaur

    Achmed’s single-passenger taxi service venture had a slight flaw.

  24. trinawoods

    Geraldo Rivera goes incognito for an inside scoop on terrorist movements.

  25. lawrence

    How (Secret) Santa Zips around the Mall of America as he buys up gifts for X-mas.

  26. Ben

    Motion Sikhness.

  27. Ben

    Motion Sikhness.

  28. DeadElvis

    “…but what really knocks ’em out is his cheap sunglasses”

  29. Kenny

    Now I understand why oil needs to be 70 dollars a gallon. Who told these bastards about the segway, anyway?

  30. trinawoods

    Even recently released head trauma victims can handle a Segway better than Dubya ever could.

  31. trinawoods

    Which way to the 72 virgins?

  32. aalap

    It’s 12 O’Clock.

  33. trinawoods

    It’s no surprise this guy can afford a Segway when his entire wardrobe consists of nothing but plain white sheets.

  34. Mato

    Does it come in blue?

  35. wdingo

    I look the fucking nuts! on this …..uhhh……bin i knocked over?

  36. tim fortune

    i will bomb you……. oh….. haha… wait. this is fun….. i want to live. i want to live and be happy on this magical ridey machine.

  37. anon

    “Now I can get to the 7Eleven much more quickly and get my slurppy!”

  38. Gary Martin

    I might look like a prick but I’m fucked if I’m using the tube or a bus now!

  39. trinawoods

    Someone needs to tell this guy that the Gaza Strip isn’t a race track.

  40. Robert

    Santa on his summer vacation.

  41. William Collins

    Mr. Bush This is how I am showing you to do the standing

  42. John F

    Coming soon from Parker Brothers — SEGWAY CHESS! At this promotional stop, the Segway Rook mascot says hello!

  43. The European

    Seeing a person like this all that comes to an American mind is middle east, arab, bastard, kill, bomb, and so on. Some think about Santa. – And the greatest act of terrorism happened on Aug.6th, 1945

  44. trinawoods

    Europeans are so damn weird…

  45. abe

    how can i sell slurpee now! booga-booga

  46. Erez

    Al-Qaeda rapid deployment regiment on parade

  47. Eric Neece

    In news today, Bin Laden was caught trying to escape authorities on a segway…

  48. Jacob B

    2 problems this christmas for santa…
    1) Mrs Claus forgot to do the washing, he was forced to wear his pyjamas for his sleigh ride.
    2) Rudolph had a hangover.

  49. michael boyd


  50. Ray R.

    “They see me roll on My Segway
    I know in my heart they think I’m white and nerdy”

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