Art imitates life


All I have for this one is, “Round for a Reason”. I like the photographers attention to detail, matching the bridge to the “model’s” ass. Breathtaking.

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99 Captions for “Art imitates life”

  1. Alex

    Isn’t VW going a little overboard with their ads?

  2. Lynne

    “After driving around in one of these clown cars for a few minutes, I just have to get out and do some yoga…”

  3. Porked Your Mom

    I’m sorry, but if you want me to bend over, this is the only way I can do it. by the way, is that a snickers i smell in your pocket or what ?

  4. Tyler Smith

    Helga, wife of Volkswagon’s senior design engineer Karl, demonstrates the true inspiration behind the innovative new design of the Bug.

  5. pangie

    i said, “i want a spanking!”

  6. Steven

    Roundings: Musings and Meditations on Texas New Deal Murals

  7. Steven

    Rather, men recognize the night life by the pleasure it promises to deliver

  8. Steven

    staying out of the way and giving up competetive positions – is not the answer

  9. Zachary

    The Arch…So many uses

  10. Newt

    Here we have, students, is an experiment to see what happens if the city busses start running really late.

  11. slc

    Try finding the gas tank in me, baby.

  12. shawster

    two things you won’t catch me riding

  13. Brian

    One comes with power airbags the other, power saddlebags

  14. Chris Crust

    The chiropractor for the year 2002.

  15. carter

    the dome is a highly effecient structure, able to hold an amazing volume in a small area

  16. AllRPGer

    Maybe I’ll look as attractive as this car when I act like it.

  17. Wolfman

    “Great sex is great, but bad sex is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” -Billy Idol

  18. George

    Both have smoking silencer.

  19. George

    Both have smoking silencer

  20. 9Nails

    With today’s poor economy, Volkswagon is *really* cutting corners!

  21. Y2Khai

    Both models come with a spare tire.

  22. Anonymous

    And look at the great fintstones engine inside!

  23. Raz

    Both fun to ride, but you would’nt want your friends to catch you in one.

  24. koush


  25. Raz

    WOOPS!! I thought that was the tunnel!

  26. koush


  27. Fat Seanny

    I bet you can’t guess which one has the tiny back seat…?

  28. Lou

    Both are from the sixties, both are curvy, and both have a spare tire.

  29. Anonymous


  30. leisureleague

    day-2. couldn’t fit in car again..must vomit more. don’t know how much longer i can hold out.

  31. julia

    it’s plush and has -plenty- of room inside.

  32. Quique

    Wide load…

  33. fisher

    Finally bowing to pressure from women’s rights organizations, VW released its new advertizement using “real women” for models.


    VW’s new slogan: start buying our cars or we’ll keep putting her on your TV

  34. Justin

    Introducing VW’s new media line of cubbie porn….

  35. Lay-Z

    Thats right, with the new bug you can even have enough room to fool around with a fat girl in the back

  36. Anonymous


  37. Reed

    Why life should not immitate art!

  38. Adam

    more people that need to die..

  39. boris455

    for years, volkzwagon engineers have been studying the science of the arch, natures most perfect shape. then they say this picture and gave up on the whole idea.

  40. lil_b

    thin drivers wanted

  41. Mr. Ramon

    The friendly brown bear thought the blue VW Beetle would be a satisfactory mate, so it found a comfortable spot nearby and waited to be mounted.

  42. anonymously amused

    Take a deep breathe, relax, and become one with your roundness

  43. Hecata

    Guess and win. “Which one can you drive and which one can be driven?”

  44. Steven

    Convinced the “pear shape” is more aerodynamically sound than that of a VW bug, Martha proceeds to give a demonstration. PLEASE don’t try this at home.

  45. Bloodthirster

    Help, I tried to get that half-eaten sandwich from under the bench but now I’m stuck

  46. Don MatÈo

    Tour guide: here you can see the famous bridge….. not that bridge!!

  47. -x-

    Drivers! Start your engines!

  48. Anonymous

    Shelly’s just bought a brand new car…. but there is one problem she cant fit….. now what will she do???

  49. CloudNine

    Can you see the car in this picture?

  50. Anonymous

    Domed, for a reason…

  51. Shithead

    guess what weighs more and win the car.

  52. Mike

    Yeah, the bench used to be flat…

  53. static

    Nowedays, al the new models have the same shape.

  54. dave

    “Bill Clinton! I don’t care what you saw, you get this car moving right now!”

  55. Bart

    Which of them is the NEW BEETLE?

  56. j

    ‘woman misses trampoline car by inches’

  57. Geist

    …help never came…

  58. Justin

    On your marks … Get set … GO!!!!!!

  59. chesh

    “The junk in my trunk is sex toys!”

  60. rick smith

    is she waiting for the car to ram her in the ass?

  61. Travis

    i think that she is waiting for somone called

  62. drag0nfire

    HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

  63. mdc58

    One is a production of German engineering. The other is a car.

  64. Mikomadness

    Which one has more trunk space?

  65. Santa Clause

    There are 2 things wrong with this picture!

  66. Santa Clause

    Which 1 of these 2 things weighs over 500 lb?

  67. Karl Marx

    The race was doomed to failure….

  68. Anonymous

    They both are round and full of gas

  69. Anonymous

    this is what happens when your morbidly obese, walk 1 mile to your parked car, and realize you lost your keys

  70. Adam Ciacelli

    This is me!! Adam Ciacelli again!! Guess what?! That’s my Mom, she was just accepted by Sea World to be the main attraction. She’s the only yemish whale.

  71. MISC

    A bridge abutment bugged her right beside the billabug under the shade of a coolibah tree and he sang as he sat as he waited by the billabug You’ll come-a waltzing Matilda with me.

  72. cutetexasgal


  73. Anon5

    Mating time at the ol’ VW place

  74. John

    on your mark…….. get set …… GO !

  75. larfus

    I could never choose both had thier wet spots.

  76. benwood

    Secret camera reveals how Betty managed her 250 push-ups for her Presidential Fitness award.

  77. benwood

    K-mart’s Pushup Bra, right before they declared bankruptcy.

  78. alan seaton

    Sitting at the starting line for 3 hours, Rosie begun to have second thought about racing parked cars.

  79. Fire Frog

    Wanna go for a ride? Check out my plush upholstering…

  80. Cdhassing

    Shes Beached!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  81. BillyJoeBob

    Which is stronger, the whale, or the Wagon.

  82. nurg

    Here on the Discovery Channel, a cut-away view of the brown South American moth just before it emerges from its shiny blue carapace.

  83. Cary Kingdom

    You should’ve seen her BEFORE she puked up the car.

  84. paratrooper

    Would you moveyour lay fat butt, i am trying to take a picture of that car!

  85. paul bonser

    my rear end is a big as my cars see mum

  86. Datz_It

    Look at me, Im Superman!

  87. mike

    In an attempt to look at her feet, Bessy realized that investing in a Volkswagen was the only smart thing she’s ever done

  88. FAROUT

    thats a dumbass bench. it’s bending the WRONG WAY.

  89. etl

    bertha knew that to hide from the cops, she would need to fit into her surroundings.


    HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

  91. ceedee

    At least the Volkswagen passed its emissions test.

  92. one_liner

    thats a nice bug, but that in front of it

  93. evan

    Yes you ass is bigger than the vw.

  94. Fred

    Drivers Wanted?

  95. Andrew Anorak

    This woman’s so stupid she doesn’t know how to sit on a bench

  96. Ron

    My hump is much bigger than your’e Quasimodo

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