Need a friend?

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69 Captions for “Need a friend?”

  1. Ruby

    He knew things had gotten bad when the zoloft bouncing heads had grown bodies and started following him around…turns out drugs, yet again, were not the answer.

  2. Name Required

    Having a bad day? Call 1-800-man-in-creepy-yellow-suit, toll free.

  3. brisco

    Damn…can’t go anywhere anymore without running into an illegal alien..

  4. BTrick

    His professional wrestling days now behind him, The Yellow Assassin sadly waited for the long bus ride home.

  5. samthepsycicclam

    You think you got problems? I’m was zipped into this when I fell asleep at my friends house. I don’t know how to get out!

  6. ReeRee

    “He’s behind me isn’t he?” *In terrified creeped out voice*

  7. olie



  8. olie


  9. bob

    i see your lonely, do you want a bucket of penis?

  10. Reynaldo

    Hey buddy it’s alright….

    it happens to everybody

  11. Andross

    Depression, yes.

  12. noragardener

    I’ve just finished painting that bench!

  13. ddc

    The best cure for a broken heart is a yellow fag with a pail full of blue smoothie

  14. dan garber

    “Well, lucky for you, I FOUND it and it’s right here in this bucket.”

  15. ruby

    your sitting in my spot dude..

  16. trinawoods

    “Sorry dude, bucket’s full.”

  17. trinawoods

    Just when you thought you’d have to pee in the bushes, Urineman to the rescue!

  18. trinawoods

    Wanna play?

  19. Jordan

    “Quit moping around on that bench, you’re embarrassing yourself.”

  20. trinawoods

    Aw, jeez, c’mon Hal. Put the suit on will ya? It’s gettin’ late. At least it’s a job. You know how many guys don’t even have jobs these days?

  21. james

    Your not a child but uh…you’ll do

  22. Robert

    “Hey buddy, what’s wrong?” said the yellow buddy and a guy replied “I got fired from YouTube!”

  23. katt

    hey… you ok… dont worry im not ganna eat you . . . omnomnom!!

  24. george

    You can’t escape me! I’m always with you.

  25. CharlotteC

    It was just one night man..
    she idnt mean anything!

  26. merissa

    Just gonna stand there and hear my cry, Thats alright because I love the way you lie.

  27. isc

    There’s no stranger in the world

  28. Kayleigh

    if i dont look at him maybe he will go away

  29. arriane capuno

    nangangailangan ng kaibigan:
    pagkakaroon ng taong masasandalan ay nagbibigay dahilan sa ating buhay..

  30. Oldie

    No, you looked thro’ a window – it wasn’t a mirror!

  31. Martyn

    “Okay if you don’t like the yellow paint I’ll pop back to the store and get some red.”

  32. Kennny

    After years of the monkey on Jerry’s back, things were about to take a real turn for the worse.

  33. Kennny

    Viagra’s mascot “ED buddy”, has not really caught on like the company expected.

  34. Rosie

    Mr Happy face has come to reap his revenge on the depressed souls who created him!!

  35. Buddy

    Grim Reaper on laundry day. Why do you think they call it a bucket list?

  36. Buddy

    Why am I the only one who can see him, and why is he always on my bench?

  37. Jenna

    No way, man. I’ve seen this show. You keep your merchandice to youself, dude! I ain’t buying.

  38. Jimmy


  39. Jimmy

    mommy, where did big birds feathers go?

  40. jim

    Learning you have herpes

    It makes fun things seem sad

  41. barb

    the experimental cloning of Big Bird hasn’t gone as well as we’d hoped.

  42. barb

    for the last time, you’re 35 years old, I’m NOT taking you trick-or-treating!

  43. barb

    I think the LSD just kicked in…

  44. barb

    ‘I’ve successfully infiltrated the society of the fluffy canary birds, but unfortunately I must bring back a pound of human organs to fully gain their trust. This is gonna hurt me a lot more than it hurts you, Bob…’

  45. barb

    this is the last time I get talked into going on a blind date…

  46. barb

    ‘I’ve got my bucket and my sunshine suit ready, so I don’t care if your wife left you, WE are going OUT to gather some MOTHER EFFIN RAINBOWS!’

  47. barb

    The unfortunate result of a radioactive meltdown next to the movie-theater butter popcorn factory.

  48. barb

    ‘WHAT?! You said you wanted me to be more spontaneous and unexpected! Come on Bob, lets play put the banana in the bucket…

  49. barb

    You don’t like it? well, you said yellow was your favorite color… hm … this is awkward…

  50. barb

    spare some change, sir? please? I can’t afford to pay the doctors for my Hepatitis treatments…

  51. barb

    When Coach Bob let his jr. high team vote for a mascot he never expected ‘Gooey the Giant Booger’ to receive the most votes…

  52. Giancarlos

    Naw man, sorry, i only pick up children…

  53. Matt T

    When Frank unexpectedly came home early he found out why Karen had never spoken about her profession.

  54. jordan durfee

    well it looks like everything is getting sterriods these days including teletubbies

  55. JonCass fails again!

  56. Andy

    If you do acid, a “friend” will catch your tears in his creepy bucket to console you.

  57. Paul

    Dean realised what really happened to zippy from rainbow

  58. Petinho

    You told me to dress up because you wanted to try something different.

  59. Praveen


  60. Anandasravya


  61. R.B. Clague

    Look, son, I know it’s not easy to find out you’re adopted…

  62. Daniel

    Turn around cupcake….see all the misses left me with !

  63. karen

    just when you thought you were safe….ronald mcdonald turns up

  64. dog lover

    man—I have to shake this feeling that someone’s watching me..

  65. Jeremy

    Hi. I’m Jerry Sandusky. Which way to the playground?

  66. spat

    Pockemons want to be found !

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