The force is strong with this one

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38 Captions for “The force is strong with this one”

  1. cait

    Luke, I am your father. We can spam and Heart for Heart all of Little Big Planet!

  2. Shadowbat

    President Obama takes a second look at Reagan’s Star Wars defense project.

  3. trinawoods

    No, no, no, Michelle needs fencing AROUND the veggie garden…

  4. Sven Izzy

    I am Obamin Hood! Hand over your tax dollars, obscenely rich folks!

  5. Scott

    “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” “You don’t know the power of the dark side! …

  6. Cody

    Not just for nerds anymore

  7. tony graham

    Chell, look baby. You we’re right. They are afraid of this magic healthcare wond.

  8. trinawoods

    Darth Cheney is no match for Jedi Master Obama.
    “I can feeeel your angerrr.”

  9. Ophero108

    Mace Windu
    The new president

  10. Kenny

    And with the release of this photo follows the unconditional surrender of Osama and his followers world wide.

  11. Rodders

    Mom! Dad is so embarrassing .

  12. Ed Zielinski

    Mom, this is so embarrassing, but not as bad as when I walked in on you and dad the other night – at least he has his pants on this time!

  13. Terry Fuckwit

    Clearly not his “magic-wand”. Snort, guffaw, whoop, hahahaha, dribble, squirt…

  14. George

    There goes the nieghborhood!!

  15. bob

    hahaha obama likes playing light sabers lol xD

  16. Lisa

    Kid: I put my sword down for one second and…

  17. jim

    Yeah i’ll buy 2m of these blue sticks and we’ll take over china

  18. ian skelding

    One is a long thin stick-like article thats all flash and no substance, the other is a lightsaber.

  19. christian

    Old Man Black Voice: Wered you put my koolid mut** ******


  20. bill hoey

    Why is everyone so excited he’s black? He’s a jedi. I think that’s a little more important

  21. Rana

    Here is the Emperor!

  22. heartless

    new at the white house: annual cosplay day!

  23. Simon Dunkle

    Obama finds novel way to cut taxes


    lets start a war in space

  25. Robert

    The Jedi Master Obama has defeated Darth W Bush.

  26. Anil

    you bet, marshall knows the best…

  27. Tommy

    Shit, I forgot my keys to the house, hey, this should do.

  28. roopesh

    I think obama is still in kingdom role.. use sophisicated weapons.

  29. samthepsycicclam

    Obama: And that was how I saved the world from sith invasion.

  30. Robert

    The Jedi Master Obama has defeated Darth Bin Laden.

  31. sb

    He got a lightsaber. Japan r fucked!

  32. Kayleigh

    i is a jedi hohohohohohoho

  33. Samantha

    And this is the guy we voted into office…a star wars geek. GREAT Just FUCKING GREAT!!!!!

  34. keil

    i am a black jedi

  35. Rosie

    It’s the same as fencing right?

  36. Buddy


  37. Firtree

    Joe Biden! Come back here! I was just kidding!

  38. wyatt dykes

    on gaurd …..i will slauter you from wich you stand

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