This will end well

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48 Captions for “This will end well”

  1. trinawoods

    Poor Bob, his IQ was only slightly higher than the diameter of that tree.

  2. Kenny

    Can you believe this guy had the audacity to ask if we had insurance and permits.

  3. Joey Jacobs

    “Ay Billi, move to them lefff…alittle to them riiite. Good. Now stay there wile’ I filmm Joe saw them tree down.”

  4. Ed Zielinski

    That’s it Bob, just keep that camera steady and don’t move – this is going to be a big hit on Youtube…he he he …

  5. nick

    Gee willickers Benny, got the god damn chain stuck again. see if you can come and give it a nice taparoo-

    as engraved on the headstone of the late Jessub Wilson

  6. Wolf

    “Bill, your wife’s in there!”

    “I know”

  7. Terry Fuckwit

    This is going to be (chain)sore! HAHAHAHA!

  8. Terry Fuckwit

    The tree’s bark is worse than it’s bight. Oh, hahaha….

  9. Terry Fuckwit

    Clearly not his “thinking-cap”. Snort, guffaw, whoop, hahahaha, dribble, squirt…

  10. alex


  11. ssdsd

    hard work

  12. ssdsd

    hard work, boys

  13. osnaya91

    jump on it

    jump on it!

  14. jackie chan

    will this even work?

  15. Johnnie Walker

    Inadequate tools…and how they cut down trees.

  16. Russell

    Behold…the Redneck Excaliber !!!

  17. Louise

    Fred had already tried climbing up the tree to get his ball, but sadly failed. The only other logical explanation is obvious.

  18. cod mw 2 unleashed


  19. Trel

    Later all they found of Jim was a few teeth, a finger bone, and a scrap of blue fabric.

  20. Dude

    I’ll cut and you make sure it doesn’t fall on the house.

  21. d@ve

    Jack Kevorkian’s landscaping services

  22. gogey

    Momna said to get the cat out of stupid tree.

  23. Tyrell

    Man cutting down a very old tree

  24. Stat

    Hey give me a hand Joe

  25. Rosie

    Err, Jim. Is this realy a good Idea

  26. Kodaki

    Nice body… maybe.

  27. Cris Cohen

    If a tree falls on an idiot, does anyone care?

  28. Tevman

    You will never eat my kite again!!!!

  29. Bruce

    You will never eat my kite again!!!!


    i teach u to shag my wife say bye to your house

  31. Anil

    waist size is bit too much ….never mind tailor is at job

  32. Tommy

    This is my ex’s house, I’m gonna teach her a lesson the dumb bitch – Mike it’s the wrong house!

  33. noragardener

    Get the Superglue out quick, it’s the wrong tree!

  34. ddc

    Mexicans will steal ANything

  35. sypher

    Yo billy, climb this here tree and tie a chain onto er so we can pull it with ur new pickup truck, what’s the worst that could happen??

  36. Robert

    Get back! Get BACK!!

  37. Kayleigh

    dude i hope u have home insurance…timberrrrr!

  38. mike

    Thats not even his house

  39. Emily

    The akward moment when you cut down a tree, but forget that standing right in front of it isn’t a good idea.

  40. Giancarlos

    Cmon man, im telling you, trees don’t collapse, they fall over.

  41. JonCass

    We Canadians sure know how to do a good job!

  42. Andy

    She keeps nagging about a log cabin…WELL HERE’S YOUR LOG CABIN BABY!!!

  43. Petinho

    Seriously dude put that back into your pants, I am trying to do my job here

  44. Richard

    “And be a simpllllle kind of mannnn… *BURP*… aw man Stevie, pass me anudda one a’ dose Keystones, wouldja?”

  45. Solid trader

    Come on. On my head

  46. Kazzdarazz

    “I know they’ll be enough firewood to last a life time but if your not careful they’ll be no f*&%ing house to burn it in!”

  47. wyatt dykes

    every body wants to go to heaven hallaloya let me here u shout

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