1. If you post your web address with your upload, I will give you credit (the site must be yours). Otherwise I’ll just post it without credit. What photos get selected is really just my opinion so pictures that I think will lend themselves to many captions will be added. That or whoever bribes me the most.

2. Low quality pictures (like from blurry low quality web cams) or images that are too small wont be added. Try to find images with either a height or width of at least 300 pixels. Hint: if it isn’t grainy or small on your screen thats probably good enough. Look at the pictures already on the caption machine for a better estimate of quality and size.

3. Pictures with exposed genitalia or overly grotesque images will not be added. That means no Pamela Anderson and no pictures of dead people, sorry freaks.

4. Pictures that already have captions don’t lend themselves to be captioned, so if you have a great photo with a caption already on it, fire up your favorite graphics program and crop out or remove the caption. Then upload it.

5. Give your upload a descriptive name, like (funnydog.jpg). I get a lot of uploads and 34325.jpg doesn’t usually get my attention. To do this, rename the image on your computer then click browse in the upload section of this site and upload the photo.

Now you have the inside scoop on how to get your photo on the caption machine, now upload it!