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Fortified Bread


All this traffic, all these posts, all these uploads (keep ’em coming); I need to carbo-load. Who wants bread?

Computer Fish


I have no idea what this is, but I bet you creative folks can make it talk. [thanks Kate]

First Kiss


Here is the most powerful man in the free world, giving in to the most powerful person in the free world. Though neither of them look very powerful here.

Evan Jish Geno and Ernie


This photo was uploaded 4 times in an hour. I also received a stack of emails telling me to hustle up and post it. I aim to please so without further ado, here is the infamous party shot of Ernie, Jish, Ev, Geno. How badass are they?

Frozen Fireman


Lucky you it’s double-post monday. I’m not making any guarantees about this becoming a regular thing. Thanks V for the upload.