Art imitates life


All I have for this one is, “Round for a Reason”. I like the photographers attention to detail, matching the bridge to the “model’s” ass. Breathtaking.

Sept 11th 2001


Because humor at a time like this seems, well, unpatriotic; I thought I would use this image. Post what comes to mind.



Because I bared full frontal in the previous image (according to Kari). I figured I may as well bare the back side of my soul as well. Enjoy.

The force isnt with this guy


I got this photo a long time ago from a web site that claimed to have no idea what was going on in the photo, I don’t know if I should believe them. Dan, I’m sure you are wondering why this photo made it and your smut didn’t – the answer, everyone has seen Pamela in her nickers, but not everyone has seen this guy in his diaper.

Cart Boy


This submission came to me anonymously. It shows the trials of life, the internal struggle of man against an immovable obj…. oh hell I can’t do it. It’s a fat guy pushing a bunch of carts.